Press review: „Tutto Arabi”, February/March 2010


Author: | Date: 2010-02-11


“Tutto Arabi”, the magazine known as a bi-monthly, currently follows the most important events of the calendar. Not so long ago we have been looking through its first issue of 2010 and the editorial office made a surprise to its readers giving another “Tutto” into their hands in February already, this time the issue goes out for Abu Dhabi Internationals (10-12 February). This issue a bit thinner then the few previous ones is mostly dedicated to Arabian horse breeding, history, veterinary and art. Once again it’s being opened by the spectacular advertisement of „the Queen” – Polish bred Kwestura announced as the competitor of the only show she hasn’t triumphed at so far – in Dubai (18-20 March). The opening article of the current issue is the Open Day at Grabów nad Pilicą report by Urszula Łęczycka with lots of pictures by Mateusz Jaworski and Katarzyna Dolińska. The event that took place just before Christmas was a welcome party of HDB Sihr Ibn Massai – 2009 German National Reserve Champion and European bronze medalist – on lease to Tomasz Tarczyński’s farm for 2010. Some of the visitors would find themselves on the photos!

Amongst the huge number of 2010 sires advertisements one can find another Polish accent – the report from the first Polish stallions license at Janów Podlaski that was organized one week before Grabów Open Day. The text by Urszula Łęczycka gives a glimpse on Janów Stud activity – not only during well known Pride of Poland.

In the meantime on the opposite side of the globe Australian breeding had its annual A-class Victorian Arabian Horse Championships for Pure bred, half-bred and pony-Arabian horses both in hand and in sport competitions.

Big part of this “Tutto Arabi” edition is dedicated to the famous creatures of Arabian horse breeding – mostly straight Egyptians. And so we can find the text by well respected breeder and judge, former ECAHO Executive Committee member and WAHO President – Dr. Hans Nagel who looks back on the story of Hadban strain. We can find Hadban in the pedigree of Polish breeding foundation sire Aswan or nowadays of World Champion Stallion Al Adeed Al Shaqab. The article dedicated to a famous female line is the one by Cynthia Culbertson about the Nazeer daughter – Bint Maisa El Shagira, born in Egypt and imported to the US when she was successful both in hand and in performance and was a progenitor of the famous sires as Ruminaja Ali (grandson) and Shaikh Al Badi (son). Joe Ferris introduces another straight Egyptian founder, of the family of El Sareei, bred by the Sheikh of Bahrain who appears in the pedigrees of for example the exotic champion Mahala (by Al Lahab), Asshal Al Rayyan (sire of European Champion Mare – Atheena), Simeon Shai or Classic Shadwan.

The article that should be a lecture for every breeder is the interview by Monica Savier with the aforementioned WAHO President – Dr. Nagel who talks about his great experience in judging, estimation, strategy of selection and right choices as to the sires – both show and performance ones.

The endurance part of “Tutto Arabi” is this time a report from the two days event at Santa Susanna (100 km + 100 km), where Italian team had its glory. Both show and sport horse breeders should also focus on the big article about limbs – the conformation, faults, reasons and consequences.

After such impact of the knowledge the nice end of the lecture of the current “Tutto Arabi” issue will be two photo galleries – one by the well known breeder, judge and artist – Dr. Nasr Marei and the other the portrait of the dog breed that was accompanying the Arabian horse through the centuries – Saluki.