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  World Endurance Championships at Compiegne

Out of the three horses that represented Poland at this most important endurance event in the season (Ashmin, Efendi and Mu-Zahrat), only Ashmin managed to put the plans across by finishing the outstandingly difficult route... more

  Author: Urszula Łęczycka | 2007-09-18  
  Leading horses, breeders and trainers

Behind us is the first half of the racing season at the Warsaw Służewiec Racetrack. During these 29 racing days 84 races for Arabian horses were held (41 for 3 year-olds and 43 for 4 year olds and above) more

  Author: Urszula Nadolska | 2007-08-29  
  Hint and Abisyńczyk in Kreuth: an encounter with the major league

During when the world of Polish Arabian aficionados followed and rooted for the National Championship and Pride of Poland Sale, the town of Kreuth, Germany hosted an international competition in endurance races more

  Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2007-08-16  
  Endurance in Goettingen: a mountainous work-out

Last weekend Goettingen was home to the CEI***/CEI-J-YR*** endurance competition, combined with the German Endurance Championships. Out of all the starts abroad, these were without a doubt the toughest for our representatives. more

  Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2007-07-20  
  Endurance: Poles successful in the Netherlands

Last weekend in Ermelo, Netherlands, the International Endurance Championships took place. In all distances – 160 km, 125 km, 100 km and 60 km – the winners were Pure bred horses that have been given the special trophies from... more

  Author: Mateusz Jaworski, Maciej Kacprzyk | 2007-07-19  
  Pure bred leaders in Koczek

It was the second time when the Endurance Club „Koczek” in beautiful countryside of Polish northern lake district organized the all-Polish endurance championships this season. The championships on 100 and 63 km distances were... more

  Author: Mateusz Jaworski | 2007-06-26  
  Endurance season opening at Koczek

Last weekend the Polish endurance season began. The entry to the 2007 season was quite poor. Total number of 27 couples took part in 3 categories: L – 30 km and P – 48 km (as regional rank) and 1* – 68 km (all-Polish rank). more

  Author: | 2007-05-07  
  Racing prior to the jubilee season 2007

In 2007 we will be celebrating 80 years of Arabian racing in Poland. Since 1927 every year’s crop was put under racing trial at the tracks in Lvov, as well as Przemyśl and Piotrków. Between the years 1932–1939 Arabian horses raced... more

  Author: Urszula Nadolska | 2007-04-04  
  Endurance decalogue

Each season should start with question „What I goal I want to achieve?” and with plan of starts that you will be realizing. This is the one of main rules of training: to have goals and to realize it. Spontaneity causes injuries. more

  Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2007-03-28  
  The decades of Sambor and Wiking in United States

A lot of articles could be written and lots were written about the origins and successes of two great Polish purebred racers: Sambor and Wiking. more

  Author: Longin Blachut | 2005-04-12  
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