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The Kuźnia endurance contest 2009 – good organization and attendance. Kamilia Tobiasz became Polish Champion
Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2009-07-28 | Print
During the last weekend (24th - 26th of July) in Kuźnia Nowowiejska Equestrian Center (Poland) the International Endurance Contest, as well as the Polish Contest and the Polish Championship, was held. During three days, nine contests attracted as many (as for an endurance competition) as sixty five pairs from eight countries that participated: Czech Republic, Finland, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and Poland, of course.

On Friday the CEI/CEIJY2* 120 km contests as well as a domestic L-class 30 km contest were held. In all 9 pairs – 6 seniors (a CEI2* contest) and 3 juniors and junior riders (a CEIJY2* contest) – started in the 120 km contest. In the CEIJ2* contest the Young Riders and Juniors Polish Championship was about to hold. Unfortunately it didn’t come off because only one Polish pair took part in the contest and therefore the condition of the minimum of 4 pairs taking part necessary to the Polish Championship to occur, wasn’t fulfilled.

Yara De Boer from Holland atop the Arabian gelding Riki’s Macho Man (1993, Drug – Skalica by Peleng, an average speed of 18,85 km/h) was the first one to cover the distance of 120 km. The pair won the first place in the CEIJY contest; the Czech Republic representative Petra Trojakova atop Shagya Want, went second. The rest of the pairs that took part in the contest, didn’t complete the course. The Senior Contest (the riders over 21 years of age, the minimum weight of a rider with a saddle: 70 kilos) was won by Rashid Saeed Al Kamda from the United Arab Emirates atop M’annaque with an average speed of 17,90 km/h. This spring the rider has started cooperation with KJ Champion, where his horses are trained. Just behind the first pair the wire was crossed by Kamila Kart atop Cert (1997, Balon – Certoza by Set, bred by R. Talarek), so by last year’s Polish Champions from Warka. Kamila and „Rudy”(“Red”) weren’t defending the championship because in eight weeks time they will start in the European Championship in Assisi, Italy, so their participation in Kuźnia Nowowiejska had a training character. The third place in the contest was won by Agata Karaśkiewicz atop Winograd (1999, Druid – Wina by Sennik, bred by Janów Podlaski). The Best Condition Award for the 120 km distance was granted to the Riki’s Macho Man horse.

The triumphant in the L-class contest, which was the second competition that was celebrated that day, over the distance of 30 km, was Elżbieta Horbowiec atop Duhan (2003, Emigrant – Dijala by Engar), whose breeder and owner Petroniusz Frejlich was supporting personally during the start, participating in service.

On Saturday the most important CEI3 160 km contest took place in which 7 pairs, including 4 Polish pairs, participated; the domestic N-class 80 km contest (9 participants); and an exhibition LL-class 20 km contest for riders and non-licensed horses in which 10 pairs participated.

The CEI3* contest was won by Kamilia Tobiasz atop the mare Mu-Zahrat (1999, Dobryń – Mu-Gaza by Gazon, bred by Z. Tobiasz), winning at the same time the Gold Medal of the Polish Championship. Mu-Zahrat was awarded with the trophy from the Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Society for the best Polish-bred Arabian of this contest. Second came Marcin Tobiasz atop Ester (1994, Wermut – Eskadra by Algomej, bred by Kurozwęki Stud). Marcin and Ester are true multi endurance medal winners. This year’s silver won by the pair is their fourth medal won in the Polish Championship, apart from 2002 silver medal and 2003 and 2006 gold medals. At third spot we find the Hungarian representative Enike Odor atop Gazal Bator, who received the Best Condition award. The Bronze Medal of the Polish Championship wasn’t given to anyone because the rest of Polish pairs that took part in the contest, it means, Anna Tarnowska atop Bader (1998, Ararat – Barkalora by Alegro, bred by Janów Podlaski) and Ryszard Zieliński atop Gent (2000, Samsheik – Gryzetka by Wojsław, bred by Michałów State Stud), didn’t complete the course.

Victorious in the N-class 80 km contest was Joanna Chałastra atop the stallion Efendi (1999, Harbin – Eutrofia by Palas, bred by Białka State Stud). This contest, alike LL, L and P-class competitions is a contest with speed-limit and it is treated more as a qualification to the endurance star contests. In the third LL-class 20 km contest that took place that day, the winner was Ryszard Ptach atop the own-bred mare Wiązka (2004, William – Weronique by Engar).

Sunday witnessed three contests, two international and one domestic. In international CEI1*/CEIJY1* 80 km contests 8 pairs started. The CEI1* competition was won by Slovakia representative Zuzanna Sitarova atop Sarah 3, who covered the distance with an average speed of 17,44 km/h. The second one to cross the wire was Dorota Krzywicka atop Ferro. Olga Ciesielska atop Ha Cytech (2002, Garnizon – Ha Osaka by MS Santana) went third. In the CEIJY contest only one rider took part – it was Miroslav Jadlovsky from the Czech Republic atop Kahira. The pair completed the distance with an average speed of 14,39 km/h. In the domestic P-class 50 km contest 15 pairs participated. The winner was Beata Dzikowska atop Ersted (2003, Gazal Al Shaqab – Empiryka by Monogramm, bred by Michałów State Stud). The class had a very high level, practically all horses completed the distance with an average speed similar to the maximum (16 km/h), all quickly walked into the vet box and were given good notes for dehydration and movement. It is worth to notice the start of the stallion Ghazallah (2002, Ganges – Ghaza by Engar, bred by Petronius Arabians) – a record holder of the Służewiec race track at a distance of 1800 m, who, although went tenth, had a very good point result and his breeder Petroniusz Frejlich can consider the endurance debut of his horse as a successful one. In this class Papion (2004, Ecaho – Prokanista by Karnaval) bred by Przemysław Sawicki, who was mounted by the breeder himself, stood out with his beauty.

This year’s contest was the second endurance experience of Kuźnia Nowowiejska, after a successful last year’s organizing debut. Comparing to the last year the attendance has increased, however the organizers won’t rest on laurels and they are planning to organize even more technically elaborated competition and they hope that the amount of participants will be even bigger. It won’t be difficult because Kuźnia Nowowiejska is an excellent place to hold the competitions, not only international ones. The Technical Delegate of this contest, Carol Bounting from Great Britain, who was astonished by the center’s infrastructure and interesting loops leading through Bolimów Landscape Park, was saying that Kuźnia Nowowiejska is a place that could aspire to organize even the European Championship. And to improve the best result at the championship in the Polish endurance history, which was the 8th place of Jerzy Urbański atop Alahar in European Championships i 1991, it won’t be easier anywhere but here, at the European Championship in Poland!

Another international contest will be held in our country in six weeks time, from 11th till 13th of September in Warka.

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