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  Polskie Araby


Pride of Poland - 49th Janów Podlaski Auction
Hanna Sztuka
Okręt flagowy tonie!...
Wśród 40 spółek z branży rolnej podległych dawnej ANR, obecnie przemianowanej...
Monika Luft
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  • 1 month of broadcasting: 375 euro
  • design: 100 euro

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  • 1 month of broadcasting: 300 euro
  • design: 75 euro

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  • 1 month of broadcasting: 200 euro
  • design: 50 euro

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  • 1 month of broadcasting: 125 euro
  • design: 30 euro

Note: The cost of making a banner is payed only once. There can be made two lenguage versions (Polish and English) if required. A banner can link to another website.

E-blast + layout: 200 euro
E-blast with layout ready: 150 euro

Ordering another advert (billboard or banner), our Client will receive 10% of discount for both the e-blast and the banner.


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