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Pride of Poland 2019
Author: Monika Luft | 2019-08-14 | Print

The 50th Janów Podlaski auction held under the name of Pride of Poland 2019 took place in the premises of the Janów Podlaski State Stud on Sunday, August 11th. The Summer Sale was organized on Monday, August 12th. The total price achieved at the main auction raised to 1 million 396 thousand euro, while the Summer Sale result is 328 thousand euro. We offer you the list of the horses sold below.



(Net prices in EUR)
Pride of Poland 2019
(19 mares offered & 2 embryos, 1 withdrawn, 1 in the offer)


Galerida 400 thousand Qatar

Potentilla 215 thousand Switzerland

Emanolla 135 thousand Belgium

Karola 122 thousand Belgium

Embryo out of Emandoria 100 thousand Saudi Arabia

Primera 90 thousand Switzerland

Cheronea 65 thousand Spain

El Gotta 60 thousand France

Anawera 57 thousand Spain

Pianova 52 thousand Poland

Atanda 30 thousand Poland

Shanson F 30 thousand Poland

Escotia 25 thousand Poland

Graciosa 15 thousand Poland


Summer Sale 2019

(24 horses offered, 1 mare withdrawn, 22 mares & 1 stallion present)


Wieża Marzeń 65 thousand Sweden

Włodawa 45 thousand Qatar

Eteryka 39 thousand Saudi Arabia

El Dorra 35 thousand Belgium

Praga 30 thousand Poland

Estonia 26 thousand UAE

Editha 22 thousand Libya

Elgora 17 thousand Libya

Patty 15 thousand Poland

Wizawa 14 thousand Poland

El Safija 10 thousand Germany

Pistolero 10 thousand Great Britain


Gossip column Pride of Poland 2019, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

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