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  Janów Podlaski 2010: an Arabian roller coaster

The Arabian Horse Days, which have permanently written themselves down in the calendar of the Polish breeding tradition, surprise us with something each year and are remembered due to certain events and horses participating in them. Two years... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2010-08-16  
  Białka 2010 – a triumph of foreign sires

With the beginning of June the breeding season draws to an end and we are already after the first evaluations of the foals born in the given year. Unfortunately very often – having eyes fixed on the horses that we have bred ourselves –... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2010-06-03  
  The World Championship in Paris: Kwestura wins for the second time. All the Gold Medals go to the Middle East

Someone who has been following this year’ most important shows, shouldn’t be surprised by the Paris World Championship results. The Aachen Show was an initial test, the Verona Show was a prelude to the ultimate challenge, and Paris was... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2009-12-08  
  The European Championship for the Middle East

On the weekend 7th–8th November an event called ‘The European Championship’, was held in Verona (Italy). The show was organized in a European town indeed, so the name wasn’t groundless at all. Besides, although all the... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2009-11-12  
  Aachen ’09: The Reserve Champion title for Emandoria! But we expected more…

This year’s 27th All Nations Cup in Aachen, one of so-called ‘Title Shows’, which are top range shows in the ECAHO table, ended with the Belgian victory; their representatives have won both cups: The Lady Harmsworth Blunt... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2009-09-29  
  The Tradition and Modernity. A summarization of the 2009 Pride of Poland Janów Podlaski sale

After the last year`s, spectacular success of unbeaten Pianissima and the record-setting sale of the World Champion Mare Kwestura for 1 125 000 EUR, we thought that for next emotions of the comparable size we`d have to wait a long time. more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2009-08-27  
  Lights and Glamour of Las Vegas - opinions of two participants

– The April Arabian horses show in Las Vegas has been held for the third time this year. Hence, it cannot be compared to the American shows with traditions, like Scottsdale, US Nationals or Buckye; however, Arabian Breeders World Cup receives... more

  Author: Jerzy Zbyszewski / Nancy Pierce | 2009-04-27  
  The Year of the Rat – the Year of Pianissima

The year 2008 (the Chinese Year of the Rat), includes the number eight which in Chinese numerology is the number of success and wealth. Though Pianissima has little to do with China, the horoscope proved to be extremely accurate for her. In Paris... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2009-01-05  
  Polish bred horses on Balearic Islands as well

A report from XXIVth Championships of Balearic Islands (Campeonato de Baleares de Caballos de Pura Raza). Not long ago the ECAHO pyramid of shows was joined by some new shows of lowest rank: D Regional Shows. A kind of shows one day long, closed... more

  Author: Alicja Poszepczyńska | 2008-10-22  
  Good – or not so...? All Nations Cup summary

The high emotions of one of the most difficult and prestigious Arabian horse events passed a bit – it’s time to make a review of 26th All Nations Cup in Aachen. In ECAHO show pyramid this is one of the Title Shows, placed on top next... more

  Author: Alicja Poszepczyńska | 2008-10-06  
  Janów Podlaski 2008 – a new era comes. Summing up the Nationals and the Pride of Poland sale

The jubilee 30th Polish National Show and 39th sale (since 2001 known as Pride of Poland) was a groundbreaking event for Polish breeding. The spectacular success of private bred horses, the sale record price of a Polish-bred horse, and the... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2008-08-18  
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