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Moorsele – Medals in All Colors for Michałów!
Author: Krzysztof Dużyński | 2010-10-31 | Print
The Zilveren Spoor hall at Moorsele (Belgium) that every two years hosts the European Championships, proved friendly again for Polish horses. The Polish team – as many as 30 contestants – came home with one medal in each color: one gold, one silver and one bronze, as well as with 6 Top Five Titles. Besides, one bronze medal was granted to a horse bred in Poland, but sold abroad. In general, 13 Polish-bred horses qualified to the finals.

The classes on Saturday

In the “B” series of the yearling fillies` class Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/Monogramm), bred and owned by Michałów Stud, performed very well, with a total score of 92,90 points. Another QR Marc daughter from Michałów, Piacenza (out of Primawera by Emigrant), was placed second, just behind her stablemate. They both qualified to the Championships, but nobody knows why so few of progeny by QR Marc – the stallion owned by Paul Gheysens – are shown in the very homeland of their sire.

Equally good was the performance of Primera (Eden C – Preria/Ararat), bred and owned by Janów Podlaski, in the “A” series – she was placed second, following a new chestnut discovery of Buzzi family, Armonia Moniscione (Ajman Moniscione – Armonia/Aksztn, 90,70). Paema (Ekstern – Pasyma/Piaff), bred and owned by Lech Błaszczyk, Alshira (Arzgir – Altara/Gazal Al Shaqab), bred and owned by Janusz Ryżkowski, and Warma (QR Marc – Waresa/Empres) from Falborek, didn`t enter the top fives and were placed sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively, in their classes.

The yearling colts` class was also successful for Michałów. Mariusz Li¶kiewicz from the very beginning made a very good team with the grey son of Enzo – Empire (out of Emira/Laheeb). His skills together with a class of the horse contributed to the result (91,60 points and winning the class). Second placed was a charmful son of Vervaldee, a grandson to Ekstern, Makisa Adaggio. At Aachen he was shown a little nervously, but now he was trained at the Frank Spoenle Center, what gives him more chances for satisfying his owners (Raingills Farm in England). He is much likely to be heard about. In the same class the colt Emarc (QR Marc – Eksterna/Ekstern) from Falborek, was placed ninth.

In the “A” class for yearling fillies undoubtedly the best was Al Princess Aliha (WH Justice – Al Aliha/DWD Tabasco). Parmana (Al Maraam – Palmira/Monogramm), Michałów-bred, leased by the Athbah Stud, was placed second. The greatest sensation, however, proved the performance of the dark bay filly Gadnes (Psytadel – Gracea/Monogramm), now owned by Joseph Geenen. Handled by Scott Allmann, she was placed fifth, so she didn`t disgrace her breeder, Szymon Głowacki from Mała Wie¶, who looked at her from the grandstand.

The “B” class was won by the favorite, one of the greatest stars of the ending show season – Alma Al Tiglio (Ajman Moniscione – Amanda Al Tiglio/Shamilah Masai Mara), who got 92,30 points. Psyche Kreuza (Ekstern – Pallas-Atena/Ecaho) from Chrcynno, placed just behind her, getting a point score lower only by 0,6 point. Third placed was Michałów-bred Wieża Róż (Ekstern – Wieża Babel/Laheeb), whereas Pertisa (WH Justice – Pernacja/Ekstern) from Falborek and her stablemate Emlahaba (Al Lahab – Emanta/Pamir), were placed fourth and seventh, respectively.

In two-year-old colts a son of WH Justice, out of Khidar daughter, Shanghai E.A., fell short of his fans` expectations, being placed only second. On the other hand, everybody`s attention was focused on the winner, the chestnut Revolution of the British breeding, by Padrons Psyche, out of Queen Victoria/Versace, descending from the damline of famous TW Forteyna.

The class of 3yo fillies was won by FM Gloriaa (WH Justice – Psity of Angels/Psytadel), who was a favorite in that age-group. She defeated two well-known from show arenas, chestnut daughters of Ajman Moniscione – Baila de Djoon OS and Djoonam OS. They were placed ahead of Chaos Persefona (Poganin – Ceres/Ganges) from Chrcynno and El Saghira (Galba – Emira/Laheeb), bred at Michałów, leased by Athbah Stud.

Among three-year-old colts unbeaten was the son of WH Justice, a grandson of FS Bengali – Aja Justified, who got five “twenties” for head and neck and the highest total score of this day – 93,10 points. Before the Aachen show he was sold by Jane and Malcolm Hickford to Athbah Stud for a price shrouded in mystery. His new owner, however, has already a reason for feeling proud, because the colt is likely to get the “Triple Crown”.

The classes on Sunday

On Sunday the older mares competed in four classes of a very high quality. In the age-group of 4-5-year-olds Abha Opalina (by WH Justice) defeated Janów-bred Cenoza (Ekstern – Celna/Alegro) and Sefora (Ekstern – Sawantka/Pepton). To the top five of the class got also Wasa (WH Justice – Waresa/Empres) from Falborek Arabians. The greatest expectations, however, were bound with the class of 6-7-year-old mares, where the winner was Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emanda/Ecaho), although she behaved a bit moody this day. Behind her was placed Bess Fa`izah (WH Justice – Sharon el Kendal/Ass Kendal), with a score lower by 0,9 point than the winner`s (94,60). Third and fourth placed were Michałów-bred Pistoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Palmira/Monogramm) and Janów-bred Etnologia (Gazal Al Shaqab – Etalanta/Europejczyk), respectively; her stablemate Pinga (Gazal Al Shaqab – Pilar/Fawor), was placed sixth, whereas the seventh position was gained by Michałów-bred, but owned by Lutetia Arabians, Faustyna (Emigrant – Felicjana/Ekstern).

In the subsequent class, of 7-10-year-old mares, such high notes weren't granted. Nevertheless, the spectators could be satisfied by the performance of Michałów-bred Ellissara (Laheeb – Ekscella/Monogramm), who defeated Col Cora (Wagner – Catika/Mentik), as well as of Egzyna (Eldon – Elganda/Monogramm), owned by Janusz Ryżkowski, handled by Gerald Kurtz and placed third. It`s a pity that this mare is shown only once for two years.

In the class for 11yo and older mares, despite the popular opinion about the longevity of Arabian horses, competed only two participants – Michałów-bred daughters of Monogramm, Emmona (out of Emilda by Pamir) and Zagrobla (out of Zguba by Enrilo). One could wonder, why any other horses from Europe didn't compete in this age-group. It seems to be a serious problem recently.

The class of 4-5-year-old stallions was won by Al Fakhir by Mahadin, out of Al Estrella/Essteem, but quite unexpectedly, to the first five got Echo Ofira, by Gaspar out of Egzyna, who inherited after his dam a fantastic movement. Quite a short time ago he was still in a racing training, whereas now he got three twenties for his motion. In the subsequent class, for 6-7-yo stallions, the winner was a double National Champion of Spain, sired by Marwan Al Shaqab – Abha Midas (out of CM Faylla Shaklan/El Shaklan). Third and fourth placed were, respectively, Equifor (Gazal Al Shaqab – Eqviria/Pers) and Drabant (Gazal Al Shaqab – Demona/Monogramm). Etnodrons Psyche (Padrons Psyche – Etnografia/Aloes), bred by Stanisław Redestowicz, was placed sixth, whereas Janów-bred El Azem (Gazal Al Shaqab – El Fatha/Entyk) – eighth. Milton (Ecaho – Mina/Monogramm), bred by Minnesota Arabians and sold to Austria, was granted the ninth position.

In a more interesting way were dispersed the notes in the class of 8-10yo stallions. Girlan-Bey (Pesal – Gracja-Bis/Monogramm), bred by Michał Bogajewicz, owned by the Kristoffersen family and leased to Athbah Stud, was placed just after MA Shadow El Sher (El Sher Mann – Calyenna El Jamaal/Ali Jamaal). The third place was granted to Poganin (Laheeb – Pohulanka/Pepton), whereas Salar (Ecaho – Saba/Etat) was placed fifth. They were separated by Valerio Ibn Eternity VI (Eternity Ibn Navarrone D – Hafati Vogue/RSD Dark Victory), who has come to Poland, just after the Championships, leased by Zalia Arabians. Edin (Laheeb – Edina/Egon), bred at Michałów and sold to France, was placed sixth.

The last class for 11yo and older stallions, was won by Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D, closely followed by Pesal (Partner – Perforacja/Ernal), bred at Białka, owned by Klarenbeek Arabians. His good condition reflected well on the care of his owners. Just behind him was placed Michałów-bred and owned Grafik (Eukaliptus – Gaskonia/Probat).

The Championships

The finals seemed to be held in a slow motion. That`s why they were easy to remember and if it was possible – we`d willingly watched them once more, by rewinding the tape. Especially memorable moment was capturing the title of Junior Reserve Champion Mare by Zigi Zana, who defeated Alma Al Tiglio, awarded with the bronze. As it was expected, the Junior Champion Mare claimed was FM Gloriaa, whereas Michałów-bred Piacenza and Psyche Kreuza from Chrcynno entered the Top Five.

In Junior Stallions the winner was Aja Justified, ahead of Shanghai E.A., followed by Michałów-bred Empire, who pleased all Arabian horse lovers in Poland, capturing the bronze. To the Top Five got also Ali Moniscione and Makisa Adaggio.

The Polish team, however, would be fully satisfied by getting the gold. And Emandoria got it, thanks to her exceptional form. Bess Fa`izah and Abha Opalina brought home the silver and bronze. To the good result of Poland contributed also the Top Five titles for Cenoza and Emmona, whereas Emandoria and her trainer would surely run for the Triple Crown. Now their goal is Paris…

The finals of the European Championships were crowned by the performance of MA Shadow El Sher, owned by Dubai Stud, who left Moorsele with the title of Champion Stallion of Europe. He defeated Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D, as well as Girlan-Bey, whereas Pesal and Equifor shared the titles of Top Five.

In the second day of European Championships was paid the last tribute to the late Pat Maxwell, commemorate with a minute`s silence. Pat Maxwell was a founder of ECAHO and its first president in the years 1983-2001. For more than 40 years, together with his wife Joanna and daughter Emma, he run the Lodge Farm Stud – one of the best Arabian horse breeding centers in Europe, for seven times gaining the World Championship. Pat Maxwell passed away on September 21st.

Christiane Chazel (France)
Sylvie Eberhardt (Germany)
Holger Ismer (Germany)
Deidre Hyde (UAE)
Urs Aeschbacher (Switzerland)
Renata Schibler (Switzerland)

A photo gallery from Moorsele by Sylwia Iłenda

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