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Białka 2012: live and through the camera lens (June 2nd-3rd)
Author: Monika Luft | 2012-06-04 | Print

It’s tempting to use the catchy phrase “something ends, something begins” in the coverage of this year’s show in Białka (Poland), but the 22nd Junior Spring Show turned out to be not so much a new beginning, but an illustration of the law of cyclicality, subject to which are not only sports, art, economy, fashion – but also breeding. What’s interesting is that this cyclicality manifested itself differently in the case of colts than in the case of the fillies.

Where are those colts (from the State Studs)?

Looking at the results of the junior stallions’ competition one can come to the conclusion that after two years of domination over private breeding, the State Studs have again seen poorer performances (the number of horses presented in Białka amounted to 104, including 39 State Stud horses and 65 private ones). The colts from the State Studs yielded before the privates not only in numbers, but also in quality – apart from the winner, the Michałów-bred Equator, who was peerless. Probably many of these horses will do much better during the Polish Nationals in Janów, on their home soil and after acquainting themselves with the arena. Nevertheless the colts’ classes this year belonged to the private-breds – sometimes even to the amazement of their owners.

Although for Chrcynno-Palace Stud the wonderful result of the son of Khidar and multi champion Psyche Victoria – Psyche Keret – was surely not surprising. With a “10” for type and a total score of 41,17 he reached for the victory in series A of the yearling colts’ class and in the finals – for the silver. Chrcynno has for years been consistently marching down their own path and the results of their actions are proof that their choices are carefully thought out. Horses from Chrcynno are famous for excellent movement and the careers of the best of them are planned out every inch of the way. Whereas among the yearling colts of the B series a definite stand out was Gotico (WH Justice – Ginga/Galba), bred by M Arabians. He also acquired 41,17 points, including a “10” for movement. In the finals he was awarded with the bronze, to great joy of breeder Piotr Podgórny, who for years have been dreaming about a similar success.

Only one state-bred colt qualified for the finals – but what a colt it was! Last year’s silver medalist from Białka and bronze medalist from the Polish Nationals, the bay Equator (QR Marc – Ekliptyka/Ekstern) was an unchallenged star among junior stallions. The highest score of the day – 43,17 points, including two “10s” (for type and movement) – translated to the title of Junior Champion Stallion.

A head to head rivalry

An interesting duel took place in the three year old colts’ class. Maran (FS Bengali – Missouri/Wachlarz), bred by Tarnawka Stud, a bronze medalist from Białka 2011 and the Tulip Cup 2011 (the Netherlands), as well as champion from Warsaw of 2011, who ended the class with a score of 41,83, faced off against Emarc (QR Marc – Eksterna/Ekstern), bred by Falborek Arabians, who found himself among the chief sires accompanying this year’s Pride of Poland Sale list. In Białka the latter yielded before the former both in class (a second place, with a score of 41,33) and in the finals, where Maran took fourth place and Emarc was fifth.

The next class, series A of the yearling fillies, also did not lack excitement due to El Siena (HDB Sihr Ibn Massai – El Aria/Ararat), bred by Strusinianka and Enezja (Marajj – Espinezja/Psytadel) from Falborek. Both fillies, similarly to Maran and Emarc, went head to head, but better marks for movement gave the victory to the graduate of Podlesie Arabians (41,17). The daughter of Marajj gained 40,83. Both qualified for the championships, but it was El Siena that made it into the Top Five at fourth place, becoming the only representative of private breeding among the decorated five. Because the next fillies’ classes irrevocably belonged to studs owned by the Agricultural Property Agency. The lucky streak of the state studs in this field is definitely not coming to an end and private breeding has a lot of work ahead of them to gain a cyclic advantage.

The peerless state-bred fillies

The grey daughter of Esparto, the Białka-bred Perfinka (out of Perfirka/Gazal Al Shaqab) won the B series of the yearling fillies’ class with a score of 42 points before Anima (Ekstern -– Anilla/Pesal) from Janów Podlaski (41,83). The latter’s stablemate, Euzona (Om El Bellissimo – Euzetia/Etogram) won the C series of the yearling fillies’ class before the Michałów-bred Wildara (Ganges – Wilda/Gazal Al Shaqab) and later in the finals ended her performance at fifth spot, becoming the only Janów Podlaski graduate to end up on the podium of this year’s Białka show. The rest was dictated by Michałów – among the two year old fillies group, both in series A and B, only the charges of Michałów qualified for the finals, leaving in the dust such private-bred stars as Echo Aurora (Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D – Echo Afrodyta/Piaff) from Chrcynno, Polish National 2011 silver medalist and bronze medalist from the show in Warsaw and Gataka (Ekstern – Gwarka/Monogramm), bred by Bełżyce Arabians, Polska Arabia Horse Festival 2011 Champion and Best in Show, class winner from last year’s Junior Spring Show. None of them, despite very high scores (Echo Aurora was fourth in class with 41,5, Gataka – third with 42,5) managed to “break into” the finals. In both classes the competition was killer and the marks sky rocketed each time that the representatives of Michałów appeared on the arena. And so series A was won by Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan – Espadrilla/Monogramm), silver medalist from the Wrocław Arabian Horse Weekend 2011 with 43,5 points, including two „10s” for type and head and neck, as well as two further ones for movement. Triumphant in the B series was Wieża Mocy (QR Marc – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern) with as many as 44,5 points, including 5 of the top marks: a full set for type and one each for head and neck and movement. In the finals the former gained silver, the latter – gold. Also having qualified for the championships was the later-to-be bronze medalist Diara (Eryks – Diaspora/Ganges) – 43 points, including two top marks for type and head and neck and El Mediara (Eryks – El Emeera/Ekstern) – 42,5, including a “10” for type and movement. Of course we mustn’t forget that Wieża Mocy is Polish National Junior Champion of 2011, Diara is a silver medalist from last year’s Białka and both have already performed on the international scene – in the European Championships in Verona last year they placed second and third in their class, respectively, whereas Wieża Mocy was awarded with a bronze medal. Presenting themselves in Białka with young, but already experienced stars of the show arena, Michałów could be confident about the result. A result which proved surprising only in terms of one regard – spectators accustomed to usually seeing a collection of grey Michałów mares this time saw three victorious bay ones.

In the 3 year old fillies’ class against each other for the second time went Fortycja (Pegasus – Florencja/Oset) from Bełżyce and Białka’s Camilia (Piaff – Calineczka/Metropolis NA). Last year in Wrocław this rivalry was won by Camilia and the same happened in Białka. Camilia won the class with a score of 42,5, whereas Fortycja (42) had to make some room for Michałów’s Endrra (Ekstern – Endorra/Pesal), who scored 42,17. As a side note, the rather astonishing marks for Camilia’s legs (7-7-5,5) caused some smirks. We can only assume that it was a sort of courtesy on behalf of two judges towards the hosts.

Other surprises and oddities

We like to observe renowned stars on the arena, but we like surprises just as much. When the trophies found their way to Gotico or El Siena, this was accompanied by an unfeigned enthusiasm of the not numerous public, as they were not the favorites that came here for the victory. Speaking of which. Although during the Sunday championships the arena was surrounded by the local spectators in crowds, still during the entire show a lot of empty places were seen, both in the VIP tents and beside them. Thankfully the Białka show was recorded already for the second time on the order of the American magazine Arabian Horse World, thanks to which the coverage will be available to all those interested, not just in Poland. However one had the impression that there were more horses than people in Białka (the record holder among private breeders was Falborek Arabians, which brought as many as 11 equine participants). The coverage in the internet is without all doubt valuable and helpful, but cannot compare to personal participation. Perhaps the scarce interest of the breeders with the PAHBS conference a couple of months ago was not a coincidence, but an indication of a diminishing and disintegration of the Arabian community in Poland. This was symbolically displayed by the division of the VIP sector into three sections in Białka: for the Agricultural Property Agency representatives and their guests and for private breeders (which consisted of two sections – a cheaper and more expensive – divided simply by a vertical jumping obstacle, so one couldn’t even challenge the neighbor to “walk up to the fence”).

But back to the horses. We have already gotten used to the fact that Białka showcases the newest trends in Polish breeding. It was no different this time. The get of new sires was shown, such as HDB Sihr Ibn Massai, popular among private breeders and Om El Bellissimo, used in Janów. Both, thanks to El Siena and Euzona, marked their presence in Białka, although considering the broad scale on which they were used the results do not appear spectacular. One must admit that such a diversity in sires was not seen for a long time – from fashionable, world stars such as WH Justice, Abha Qatar, Justify, Marajj, Eden C or QR Marc to stallions of our domestic breeding, utilized by Chrcynno-Palace (Echo Adonis), Falborek (Altis, Bint Matis), StanRed Arabians (Etnodrons Psyche) and Petronius Arabians (Ensenator). The successes of the Białka-bred Esparto get (Perfinka) and Michałów’s Eryks’ crop (Diara, El Mediara) are definitely reasons to be happy about. Thought provoking is the poor representation (quantitatively and qualitatively) of the youngest generation of state bred stallions, such as Pegasus, Alert and Kabsztad – perhaps they haven’t yet received their chance.

With or without the public, in sun or rain, Białka is an important presentation of Polish breeding. Even if it is not completely appreciated by the domestic “Arabian folk”, it is completely evident to foreign observers. “Many people think that it is the most important show in Poland”, Jeffrey Wintersteen of Arabian Horse World tells “There is so many world champions, Pianissima among others, that have come to the Spring Show and it was their debut in the show ring. Here they begun their careers and they became great stars. It was very exciting for Arabian Horse World bringing the video for the rest of the world, as not many people actually travel to the Spring Show. It's also a really unique opportunity for the private breeders because we have seen some really good private-bred horses with some very modern stallions in their pedigrees. It's a fantastic event. It is one of the most beautiful settings that I have ever seen in the Arabian horse world.” He further adds: “This show has a lot of international significance. The horses that Poland breeds have a great influence on international breeding. I think if we went around the world and talked to the leading breeders, they all know about the Białka show, everybody is very familiar with Białka. Białka Spring Show is basically a look into what the directors have been doing and what the private breeders have been doing for the last years. It's a look on what their thoughts were. And of course it is a presentation of their new horses!”


Champion Colt
Equator (QR Marc – Ekliptyka/Ekstern), br./o. Michałów State Stud
Res. Champion Colt
Psyche Keret (Khidar – Psyche Victoria/Ekstern), br./o. Chrcynno-Palace Stud
2nd Res. Champion Colt
Gotico (WH Justice – Ginga/Galba), br./o. M Arabians
4th pl.
Maran (FS Bengali – Missouri/Wachlarz), br./o. Tarnawka Stud
5th pl.
Emarc (QR Marc – Eksterna/Ekstern), br./o. Falborek Arabians

Champion Filly & Best in Show
Wieża Mocy (QR Marc – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), br./o. Michałów State Stud
Res. Champion Filly
Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan – Espadrilla/Monogramm), br./o. Michałów State Stud
2nd Res. Champion Filly
Diara (Eryks – Diaspora/Ganges), br./o. Michałów State Stud
4th pl.
El Siena (HDB Sihr Ibn Massai – El Aria/Ararat), br./o. ZPH Strusinianka (Podlesie Arabians)
5th pl.
Euzona (Om El Bellisimo – Euzetia/Etogram), br./o. Janów Podlaski State Stud


Photo gallery by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

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