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O tempora! O mores!
W czasie obrad sejmowej komisji rolnictwa poświęconej koniom arabskim jeden...
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  Białka 2012: live and through the camera lens (June 2nd-3rd)

It’s tempting to use the catchy phrase “something ends, something begins” in the coverage of this year’s show in Białka (Poland), but the 22nd Junior Spring Show turned out to be not so much a new beginning, but... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2012-06-04  
  Paris 2011 – only second row for Poland (9-11th December)

Behind us are the 31st World Championships in Paris, celebrated less pompously than last year’s jubilee event. This year the huge emotions concerned Poland on a small scale, as during this edition our country moved to second row. This... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2011-12-15  
  Justice-mania – the 29th All Nations Cup in Aachen (24th-25th September)

The All Nations Cup which took place at the end of September in Aachen is one of the most prestigious events of the show season. It is the first stop on the star route before the upcoming European, US and World Championships. It is here that... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2011-09-29  
  Prague InterCup under the eye of the falcon (3rd-4th September)

Already for the second time the capital of the Czech Republic played host to the B-ranked international Arabian horse show – the Prague InterCup. After last year’s reservations towards judging this time the participants and... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2011-09-08  
  Harvest time. Arabian Horse Days – Poland 2011 (August 5th-7th)

The Arabian Horse Days, which take place in August, are the crowning event of a year’s – sometimes more – worth of breeders’ work. Considering that the event coincides with the harvest, a certain analogy comes to mind, as... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2011-08-12  
  Arabia – Poland (June 18-19th)

A coverage from the 1st Arabian Horse Festival in Warsaw. What seemed impossible just ten years ago – namely the organizing of a show at a pretty good European standard in Poland without the participation of State Stud horses – has... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2011-06-19  
  The Białka alphabet (4th-5th June)

A coverige from the 21st Spring Junior Arabian Horse Show in Białka (Poland). From B for Białka to W for Winners! more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2011-06-13  
  Paris for Sheikhs. A report from World Championships 2010

All gold medals of the 30th Arabian Horse World Championships in Paris, just as it was last year, were granted to Middle Eastern studs. That’s why our dreams about the Triple Crown for Emandoria didn`t come true, although she improved... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2010-12-17  
  Moorsele – Medals in All Colors for Michałów!

The Zilveren Spoor hall at Moorsele (Belgium) that every two years hosts the European Championships, proved friendly again for Polish horses. The Polish team – as many as 30 contestants – came home with one medal in each color: one... more

  Author: Krzysztof Dużyński | 2010-10-31  
  Aachen 2010: The All Nations Cup Trophy and Breeders Trophy – once more for Poland! Gold for Emandoria

This year’s Aachen turned out to be not just good, but simply sensational for the Polish team. Both important awards - the All Nations Cup Trophy, named the Lady Harmsworth Blunt Trophy and the Breeders Trophy, which bears the name of the... more

  Author: | 2010-10-18  
  First edition of the Prague Intercup

On the 4th and 5th of September the capital and at the same time largest city of the Czech Republic – Prague, justly spoken of as the most beautiful city in Europe - stood before quite a challenge. The organization of the B-ranked... more

  Author: Rafał Czarnecki | 2010-09-08  
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