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Nadi Al Khalediah - Black Stallion
Monika Luft
Sędziowie pod lupą
Związani z branżą "arabską" użytkownicy Facebooka po zakończonym w...
Monika Luft
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  3rd Qatari horse show for individual owners (January 12-13th). Will Qatar leave ECAHO?

Already for the third time Doha, the capital of Qatar, hosted a show for Straight Egyptian horses property of individual owners (3rd Qatar National Arabian Peninsula Show for Individual Owners, 12-13th of January, 2018). It was an... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2018-01-22  
  Paris 2017: Equator Senior Silver Champion Stallion! Fuerte a silver junior

Fans of Polish Arabians cannot be disappointed after Equator's performance during the World Championships in Paris (24-26.11.2017). This Michałów stallion showed himself marvellously on Saturday in the qualifiers and in the finals exhibited... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-11-27  
  European Championships in Verona. Pustynia Kahila just silver

A hundred horses showed up on the arena in Verona, Italy to compete in the European Championships (28-29.10). The show was part of a huge event whose tradition dates back to 1898 and has been taking place under the name of Fieracavalli. This... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-11-02  
  AKEAHF 2017: Pustynia Kahila wins in Nowe Wrońska. The entire junior mare podium for Michałów!

The shows this season in Poland do not have an easy task. The fourth edition of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska (August 18-19th) was no exception – there was a rumor spread abroad that the show would not... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-08-25  
  Polish Nationals 2017. Pogrom Best in Show, Zagrobla impresses with form. Pride of Poland Sale: time to change the formula?

For the enthusiasts of Arabian horses cheering on Polish breeding the Arabian Horse Gala 2017 (August 11-14th) was not an easy experience despite a beautiful 200 year anniversary of Janów Podlaski State Stud. For the first two days... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-08-17  
  Carried away in Białka. The Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show 2017

Great hospitality, a high attendance, lots of top notes, balloon flights and most of all a breeding inspection that everyone interested in Polish breeding was waiting for – that’s how we will remember the Junior Spring show in... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-06-06  
  Paris 2016. A change of guard

79 horses from 25 countries on the arena at Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte (126 in the catalogue), 5 representatives of Poland, a high quality of contestants and victories of the top favourites ? that could be a quick summary of the... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-11-28  
  Lucky number three. Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival 2016 (August 19th-21st)

The third edition of the show in Nowe Wrońska, part of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival, turned out to be lucky for guests from abroad. Gold medals and Ford cars went to Ajman (as many as three) and Germany, Egypt and an owner... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-08-29  
  A horse may have four legs, but that won’t prevent it from tripping. A coverage of the Arabian Horse Gala in Janów Podlaski (12-15th of August)

Chaos, lack of music, a sleepy audience and complete lack of a mood that should be present at this kind of event. The auction itself ended with a slight feeling of dissatisfaction, quick falls of the hammer, discontentment of the buyers... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-08-22  
  The 1st All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships Radom 2016: Always a silver lining!

The new Polish Arabian horse show made its debut on the outskirts of Radom, on the premises of the Radom Aeroclub (Piastów sport airport) on the 9-10th of July. A total of 71 horses were entered, with 65 making their way to the show ground. It... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-07-14  
  Białka happened, after all! (4-5th of June)

Białka is happening! Despite talks that it wouldn’t, I heard upon welcome from one of the show’s habitués. Indeed, many people wondered whether the show would take place at all after the changes in the state studs. more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-06-10  
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