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Pride of Poland - 49th Janów Podlaski Auction
Hanna Sztuka
Okręt flagowy tonie!...
Wśród 40 spółek z branży rolnej podległych dawnej ANR, obecnie przemianowanej...
Monika Luft
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photo: Patrycja Makowska
  Colour: chestnut | born 2016
  Sire line: Mirage or.ar. | Dam line: Sahara or.ar.
  Stud fee: 750 Euro
  1. One of the two AJ Mardan sons offered in Europe.
2. Fashionable combination of AJ Mardan - Ajman Moniscione – Al Lahab.
3. Beautiful head, neck and good movement.
  Mikon OS is a new raising star debuting at the show and breeding scene in 2019.
Through his sire and maternal grandsire he is 3/4 the same blood as AJ Radman - 2017 European Junior Champion Colt, 2017 International Gold Champion at Tulip Cup and Bruges, 2018 International Gold Champion Stroehen, 2018 International Silver Medal Champion Wels and 2018 AHO World Cup Silver Medal Champion in Chantilly. Since AJ Radman recently went on lease to Princess Laetitia d'Arenberg in Uruguay, Mikon OS is the only opportunity to use this great blood combination over Europe.

In his pedigree Mikon OS combines the blood of most desirable champion sires nowadays – AJ Mardan, not available for public breeding except of his home in Ajman Stud, legendary Ajman Moniscione and beautiful World Champion Stallion AL Lahab. Great addition to this pedigree is also Russian damline on the bottom and El Shaklan blood through World Champion Stallion ZT Shakfantasy. His pedigree mirrors his attitudes: amazing head on a good neck, powerful movements and good size (158cm tall).

Special breeding fee for 2019 season: 750 Euro
Discount possible for package purchase!
Natural breeding available. CA and SCID clear.
AJ Mardan
Maida OS
Felicia RLC
Ajman Moniscione
Al Shanina
  Breeder: Gestut Osterhof
  Owner: Al Yasser Stud & Tomasz Kotyński
  Stud: TK Arabian Center
  Address: Miszory 52, 05-088 Brochów, Poland
  www: http://www.mikon-os.com
  phone: +48501246750, +48602709765
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