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Were the formerly record-breaking auction prices indeed such record breakers? Ejrene-gate or new shocking information
Author: | 2018-08-23 | Drukuj

„Documents that have been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) clearly show that until the year 2015 record prices were „pumped” at the Arabian horses auction held under the name of „Pride of Poland”, the Polish „Information Agency” (AI) reported.


The Agency, relying on the documents mentioned above, described the case of the mare Ejrene sold in 2012 for 440 thousand EUR. We wrote about that Pride of Poland Sale in our article „Unattainable millions” as follows: “The highest price of the auction was achieved by Michałów’s Ejrene (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emocja/Monogramm) (...). The price was not immediately accepted by the seller. The auctioneer announced that the expected price is one million euro, but when the bidding came to a halt he was ready to seal the transaction at 450 thousand euro. The buyer however did not raise his offer and the mare returned to the stable. It was not until the end of the entire sale that Ejrene once again appeared on the arena. It was announced then that she was sold for the last offered bid. Therefore the Director of Michałów Stud, Jerzy Białobok, could enjoy the highest price of the auction. On a side note – demanding a million euro for Ejrene or Etnologia was a rather risky marketing gimmick. It doesn’t seem probable that either of them can compare to World Champion Kwestura”.


But the documents quoted by the Agency show that all that confusion was pure theatre, as the selling of Ejrene for 440 thousand euro was supposed to be settled earlier. The amount, as the Agency reported, included the leasing of the world champion mare Emandoria, two embryos out of her, all the prize money won at shows by her and a breeding by Ekstern. The agreement for all these services was supposed to be drown up before the auction.


Knowing the prices of the embryos of such mares as Emandoria (in 2009 the amount of 175 thousand EUR was offered at the auction for Pianissima’s embryo) and the prize money paid at some shows (Emandoria won in the Middle East in March of 2018 25 thousand EUR as a class winner and 250 thousand EUR for gold medal), we can easily state that Ejrene’s price was not a record price at all.


„It seems that not only the public opinion was misled during the "Pride of Poland" auction, but also other potential buyers – namely those who did not have any knowledge about the fact that some mares were offered "in packages" and that it was not the bidding but the actions resulting from confidential agreements with the studs boards that largely determined the possibility of purchasing the offered horse”, the Agency wrote.


But let’s add that the whole situation has another aspect as well: it totally changes the interpretation of the 2016-2018 auctions results. The media already for the third time compare the record prices achieved at the previous sales with the ones from the last three auctions and in the social media the hate against the organizers of the event is going on. „we are all aware what influenced the economic situation in the last three years and there is no sense to pull the wool over our eyes, the differences of the auction income are devastating and in the previous years all went better and better and suddenly it was a big whoops-a-daisy”, a user under the nick of „Agnieszka Ewa Laskowska” wrote on our Facebook page. Also the organizers of the previous sales skin the current results alive although they must know that there is no sense to compare the „package prices” with the horses prices.


The comment about „pulling the wool over our eyes” gets a quite new context.

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