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Medals in all colours for Michałów horses in Dubai
Author: Monika Luft | 2018-03-18 | Drukuj

During the Saturday finals (March 17th) of the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship Emandoria was chosen unanimous Senior Gold Champion Mare, Equator won the silver and Galerida became bronze champion. This is a great success – also a financial one – of Michałów Stud, as well as Al Baydaa (Egypt), the lessee of both mares and the Privilege Arabian Horse Training Center (Belgium), which prepared all three for this difficult competition.


The senior stallion finals were observed by the ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum. The presence of the Emir of Dubai, who himself is an excellent rider and has often successfully competed in endurance rides, attests to the rank of the event, which is currently one of the most important Arabian horse shows in the world.


Polish fans hoped that Equator, who on Friday won his class, would get the gold – however in the finals his rival E.S. Harir was peerless and won unanimously. The silver medal for our Polish representative is still an excellent result at such a prestigious event.


Emandoria not only became a gold medallist herself, she also contributed (as grand-dam) to the success of another gold medal, this time in the yearling colts category – Admiraal (by Emerald J), representing Al Muawd Stud (Saudi Arabia). The blood of Michałów also flows in the veins of AJ Kafu (Shanghai EA – AJ Kahayla/QR Marc) from Ajman, chosen junior gold champion stallion. His dam is the daughter of Kwestura.


Despite numerous entries, only two top horses from each class qualified for the finals. Therefore in the finals we saw leading horses from all categories. The finals were held in an open formula, but there were no surprises – gold medals went almost solely to class winners except for Equator, who earlier bested E.S. Harir.


It has to be said that such a strong representation of a Polish stud at a Middle Eastern show has not been seen for a long time. All three horses proved the strength of Polish breeding which is the only European force that can stand against the power of the Middle East. The influence of Michałów on other breeding programs was very much visible. This is definitely significant for the promotion of Polish horses especially today, when we are constantly observing attempts at undermining their position in the world. Today a strong statement has been made – Poland still has horses whose role at shows of the highest calibre is undeniable.


„We are pleased, because the Michałów horses gained almost all the we hoped for”, told us Michałów director, Maciej Grzechnik. “Our plan of promoting horses in the world’s most important market was successful. Of course a gold medal for Equator would give us even more satisfaction, but we have no reason to complain. Just the presence, but also the superb performance of our horses at two shows in the Middle East, in Sharjah and Dubai, is a huge success, also financially, because the Dubai show has high prize money, out of which our horses won almost six hundred thousand!”. The prizes in Dubai in the senior horses were: 275 thousand USD for a gold medal, 165 thousand for the silver and 60 thousand for the bronze. A victory in class was awarded with 25 thousand USD. Money prizes were given to the top seven horses in class.


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