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Michałowice without Michałów. In the interest of the transparency of the rules. Updated!
Author: | 2017-09-08 | Drukuj

Michałów Stud informed about its decision of withdrawing 13 horses from the 2nd Cracow Arabian Horse Show held on September 8-10th in Michałowice near Cracow. As Michałów explained in a statement published on its website: „The decision of the stud to cancel its participation in the show was dictated by the concern for both the interest of the company, as well as the transparency of the rules for the conduct of Arabian shows”. The reason was the unclear professional ties of one of the officials (member of the Disciplinary Committee) invited to participate, Mrs. Irena Cieślak, and Halsdon Arabians stud. Mrs. Cieślak was a member of Disciplinary Committee in Prague show last weekend. She is presented in various Polish media (i.e. TVN24, Polsat News, RMF FM, "Newsweek") as the "manager", "former manager" or "former representative" of Shirley Watts, owner of Halsdon Arabians. Meanwhile in Prague performed the mare Altamira owned by Halsdon Arabians. Michałów expressed its anxiety that horses from Halsdon Arabians might be entered for the Cracow show as well. „Michałów Stud has issued questions to the organizers of the Cracow Show and ECAHO regarding the period in which Mrs. Cieślak worked at Halsdon Arabians as manager and when exactly her professional relation with Mrs. Shirley Watts came to an end”, we read in the statement.


Yesterday evening the organizers of the Cracow Show posted this information on their website: “In relashionship with the letter sent by Michałów Stud to the PZHKA office, regarding the 2nd Cracow Arabian Horse Show, the organizers of the show inform that: 1. until September 7th none of the exhibitors have submitted a conflict of interest toward any of the officials (judges, DC, ringmaster) serving a function during the show; 2. the 2nd Cracow Arabian Horse Show is a C National show, so horses registered in other Stud Books than the PASB cannot participate. Taking this into account, the organizers consider Michałów’s reservation to be unfounded”.


But in the National shows in Poland already before took part horses born and registered in Poland, belonging to foreign owners. Additionally, in the English version of conditions of participation the organizers of the Cracow show wrote that it was a show "for horses registered in WAHO approved stud books". It means that allowing the participation of horses owned by Halsdon Arabians (especially born and trained in Poland) was probable. For example horses owned by Nina Suskevichova from the Czech Republic were entered.



Yesterday Michałów Stud held the view that its reservations regarding the participation of Mrs. Irena Cieślak as one of the officials (DC member) at the 2nd Cracow Arabian Horse Show turned out to be well-grounded. In their statement they proved that she was representing one of the exhibitors (Regina Arabians stud that entered 3 horses) at the same time. Michałów Stud wrote that was surprised that the organizers had ignored the fact that officials should not represent any exhibitors. Michałów expressed also its regret that its authorized representative was not allowed entrance into the VIP sector and that his VIP card was taken away from him.


The stallion Atius O from Regina Arabians has been pointed on Sunday as silver champion senior stallion. Breedings to this stallion were offered in the 2017 breeding season by Irena Cieślak.


Michałów's statement from 9.09.2017

2017 season breedings offer on the PZHKA website

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