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Emandoria, SK Michałów
Robert Raznowiecki
W czyjej służbie...
W czyjej służbie jest Marek Szewczyk? (bo na pewno nie pełnej i...
Monika Luft
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  On August 12th Janów Podlaski will host the premiere of the facsimile of the coveted manuscript of Wacław Emir Rzewuski

In April of 2018 we informed about the presentation of the Publishing House Manuscriptum-produced facsimile copy of one of the most important works in the history of Polish literature. more

  New profile in the Photographers section: Jarosław Sokołowski

It is said, that the three most beautiful things in the world are: a woman in a dance, a frigate under full sail and a horse in a gallop. It should come as no surprise that while exploring the secrets of photography I have decided to choose from... more

  The Auction Catalogue made its debut in Menton. Polish horses outside the podium

Yesterday (June 24th) the Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship in Menton on the French Riviera came to an end. During the show we saw several Polish horses, but none of them found the way to the podium. The best performance... more

  The coverage of the Białka Show in our Shows section

In our Shows section we have published the report from the Białka Junior Spring Show (2nd-3rd of June) - The first ever title of Best in Show in Białka for Białka! with the photos by Ewa Imielska-Hebda more

  In the State Studs the photo sessions for the auction catalogue have come to an end

Last week (May 21st-26th) in all three Polish State Studs – Janów Podlaski, Białka and Michałów – photo sessions for the catalogue of the August auction have been held. The author of the images, similarly to last year, is Glenn... more

  Rzewuski Manuscript at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

One of the events of the 28th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, organized in the United Arab Emirates, was the presentation of a replica of the most dazzling of the three volumes of Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenants des Races... more

  Medals in all colours for Michałów horses in Dubai

During the Saturday finals (March 17th) of the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship Emandoria was chosen unanimous Senior Gold Champion Mare, Equator won the silver and Galerida became bronze champion. This is a great success – also... more

  Will the Polish national anthem be heard tomorrow in Dubai?

Yesterday (Thursday, March 15th) was the first day of the 15-year running international show in Dubai considered one of the most significant shows in the Middle East due to its prestige and amount of prize money. The show, part of the... more

  Where It All Began. Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival

During the Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival (22nd-25th of February), an event organized in Dammam (Saudi Arabia), that included two Arabian horse shows – the Asharqia Arabian Horse Classic and the Gulf Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Cup... more

  Another change in the Janów Podlaski Stud board. Professor Sławomir Pietrzak dismissed

As the National Support Center for Agriculture (KOWR) informed today, Professor Sławomir Pietrzak has been dismissed from the board at Janów Podlaski Stud. Duties of the president until a new president is selected by way of a competition, will... more

  Golden Equator and golden Emandoria in Sharjah. Galerida with a bronze

The Polish anthem was heard in the Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club indoor arena today when Equator (QR Marc – Ekliptyka/Ekstern) and the Michałów team collected the prize for the gold medal in the senior stallion category during the... more

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