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Wrzawa w mediach wokół tegorocznego wydarzenia pod nazwą Pride of Poland...
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  The results of the 2019 Pride of Poland auction

We are pleased to invite you to our Pride of Poland section, where you can find the results of the 2019 auction in Janów Podlaski held on Sunday, August 11th. more

  The list of horses for the Janów Podlaski Sale announced

Nine mares from Janów Podlaski, six from Michałów – and two embryos – and one mare from Białka: this is the offer of the state studs for the Janów Podlaski main sale Pride of Poland 2019 (August 11th). more

  The manuscript of Rzewuski in Arabia and our report from the Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival 2019 in the Shows section

In our Shows section we publish the report from the Asharqia Arabian Horse Festival 2019 (Saudi Arabia). The event (Feb. 20-24th) was organized on extensive exhibition grounds of Dhahran Expo (Eastern Province) and it included two shows ... more

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

On the occasion of the very close 15th anniversary of our portal, we remind you the motif that we used in our Christmas card 10 years ago. It’s a drawing by Wacław Emir Rzewuski more

  About the return of the Michałów horses. Terminated contracts, or the true picture

Equator, Emandoria, Pustynia Kahila, as well as Galerida that had not appeared in Paris, happily returned to Michałów on 27th November, together with the other horses and the Stud personnel, is what we could read at the State Center for the... more

  Audit in Michałów. Does it concern such cases as the lease of Wieża Mocy?

We have been informed that the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) opened an audit procedure at the Michałów Stud on the past Wednesday. On behalf of RMF radio station, Paweł Balinowski reported that more

  Were the formerly record-breaking auction prices indeed such record breakers? Ejrene-gate or new shocking information

Documents that have been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) clearly show that until the year 2015 record prices were pumped at the Arabian horses auction held under the name of more

  Pride of Poland 2018 - press release

The Pride of Poland – 49th Janów Podlaski Auction was held on Sunday evening on August 12th and the Summer Arabian Horse Sale 2018 on Monday 13th. The overall result of both auctions is 734,000 euro net and 17 sold horses more

  On August 12th Janów Podlaski will host the premiere of the facsimile of the coveted manuscript of Wacław Emir Rzewuski

In April of 2018 we informed about the presentation of the Publishing House Manuscriptum-produced facsimile copy of one of the most important works in the history of Polish literature. more

  New profile in the Photographers section: Jarosław Sokołowski

It is said, that the three most beautiful things in the world are: a woman in a dance, a frigate under full sail and a horse in a gallop. It should come as no surprise that while exploring the secrets of photography I have decided to choose from... more

  The Auction Catalogue made its debut in Menton. Polish horses outside the podium

Yesterday (June 24th) the Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship in Menton on the French Riviera came to an end. During the show we saw several Polish horses, but none of them found the way to the podium. The best performance... more

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