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THE BEST HORSES 5-years and older (by total amount won in Polish Zloty)
1.   Amor Amor 52.000 PLN + 4.800 €
2.   Sabat 42.700 PLN
3.   Ghazallah 26.940 PLN
4.   Eliat 17.200 PLN
5.   Amis 13.540 PLN
6.   Predator 11.200 PLN
7.   Von 9.975 PLN


  Elpas 8.120 PLN
9.   Eidos 7.475 PLN
10.   Diadem 5.540 PLN

The older horse classification begins this year with the German gelding Amor Amor (Nougatin – Aurore). The premier 4 year old from last season had three starts this year. He began the season with an easy win in the Comet Stakes, two months later placing third in the German Qatar Cup. His final performance was a win in the Europa Cup, with which he repeated his feat from last year. The horse ended his season at Służewiec in August – he could not participate in the Criterium Stakes, which from this year remains closed for foreign bred horses. This way the attractiveness of Polish Arabian horse racing is surely decreased...

The second place among the older horses belongs to Janów’s Sabat (Wojsław – Sarmacja), who returned to the track after a year’s pause caused by an injury. The pupil of trainer Dorota Kałuba took part in four races, winning three of them (Bandos St., Ofir St. and Kurozwęki St.). The stallion set a track record over a distance of 2400 m with 2’46”. In his last start (Europa Cup) he just secured the second spot, but not without effort. An injury eliminated him from further starts at the track.

Ghazallah (Ganges – Ghaza) also resumed training after a year’s pause caused by an injury. This season the stallion was trained by Adam Wyrzyk. The son of Ganges participated in five races, winning two. In the 1st group race (Druid Prize) he won leading from start to finish, setting a new track record over a distance of 1800 m with 2’02,7”. His second win came in the Michałów Stakes. It was also the stallion’s last start this season, as well as in his career. Just like Sabat, Ghazallah came across an injury, which will not allow this valiant stallion to return to the track. What should be consoling is that he commenced a breeding career in his maternal stud of Petronius Arabians.

Last year’s Derby winner Eliat (Eldon – Eleuzyna) raced five times this season and was out of frame only once (Europa Cup). He won the Figaro Stakes, placed a solid second in the Kurozwęki Stakes (behind Sabat) and Comet Stakes (behind Amor Amor) and a third place in the Ofir Stakes. The participation in the Europa Cup was the last start for this pupil of Andrzej Wójtowicz.

Amis (Ganges – Amina), in training with Adam Wyrzyk just like Ghazallah, had a very successful season. He was out of frame only once in 8 starts. He won thrice and at the beginning of the season squared the track record over a distance of 1600 m (bested three months later by the German HN Rana). He placed third in the Figaro Stakes and fourth in the Comet Stakes.

The following horses on the list are dependable participants of group races. The pupil of trainer Kluczyński, Predator (Etogram – Penetracja), won twice and placed second four times during his 12 starts this season.

Definitely the best seems to be the German Von (Tidjani – Verduronette). In his 7 starts the stallion won thrice, setting in May a new track record over a distance of 1400 m with 1’34,7”. He ended the season with a distant position in the Embargo Prize, a 1st group race.

Eliat’s stablemate, Elpas (Arzgir – Elema), participated in just four races this year. He won twice (in a 3rd and 2nd group race) and placed second in the Druid Prize (a 1st group race). He ended the season with a distant fifth place in the Criterium Stakes.

Eidos (Ganges – Eleina) is a third horse by Ganges in our classification. This 5 year old pupil of trainer Marcin Duplicki proved to be a rather dependable racehorse this season, winning two races.

The Top Ten closes off with Diadem (Egon – Duchess), for whom it was the worst season in his entire career. He began his starts with a win in a 2nd group race, but his further starts were far from successful.

Author: Urszula Nadolska

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