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The Ekstern Alphabet
Author: Monika Luft | 2018-01-31 | Print

The year 2018 at Michałów Stud is the year of Ekstern – announced the stud's president, Maciej Paweł Grzechnik. Ekstern is a stallion that had the greatest impact in Polish breeding in recent years. His services cannot be overestimated. "This year we will invite entries for the design and realization of a natural size statue of Ekstern", says Hanna Sztuka, breeding director at Michałów Stud. Ekstern is also the main character of Michałów's 2018 calendar, where the watercolor of Michał Siemiński is used.


Born in 1994, representing the damline of Milordka ca.1810 and the sireline of Kuhailan Haifi d.b., Ekstern is the son of the epoch-making Monogramm and Ernestyna by Piechur, a great-great-granddaughter of the famous Estebna. Here is the story and significance of Ekstern, from A to Z.



One of the most known worldwide and definitely one of the most outstanding daughters of Ekstern (out of Altona/Eukaliptus), from his first foal crop born at Janów in 2005. Already as a yearling in 2006 she turned heads during the Junior Spring Show in Białka, where she became Junior Reserve Champion behind Michałów's Emandoria. Before she was sold at the 2015 Pride of Poland Sale for 250 thousand euro to Halsdon Arabians (Great Britain), she produced several foals which have already made a name for themselves. These are: Amanito (by Eden C), gold medalist from the 2010 Autumn Show in Janów Podlaski; Anawera (by Piaff), 2014 Białka Spring Show Junior Champion Filly and 2016 Arabia-Polska show champion mare, sold in 2017 to Romania for 110 thousand euro; Adelita (by Kahil Al Shaqab), 2015 European Gold Yearling Champion Filly; and Abdank (by Empire), 2016 Polish National Show yearling colts class winner. That same year his half-sister Anawera also won a class at the Polish Nationals, attesting to the quality of their dam. In the hands of her current owner, Shirley Watts, Altamira also scored a double success at the 2017 Prague Intercup, claiming the show's highest score and titles of Senior Champion Mare and unanimous European Cup Gold Senior Champion Mare.


Białobok, Jerzy

Director of Michałów Stud from July 1997 to February 2016. He began working at the stud in 1977 as a trainee. As a still subordinate of Director Ignacy Jaworowski he witnessed the maturing of Ekstern and his first successes. „Already during his first days we could see the great beauty of this horse”, he told „What I always liked most were his eyes, prominent, full of expression. He revealed his great movement during his first walks with his dam. Young Ekstern used to run in front of his dam, trotting with a visible spring in his step. He looked like a very elegant horse, closed off in a squarish outline, more Egyptian than Polish in type. That's what I always thought of him – that he could just as well be a representative of an Egyptian line”. In later years Jerzy Białobok guided the stallion's career as head of Michałów. „Ekstern is definitely a sire of daughters”, he observed. „He gave plenty of valuable mares at Michałów, but I think he did best at Janów. This is best assessed by the auction results. The Janów mares by Ekstern are usually the adornment of every sale and achieve high prices”.


Highly desirable, but not very accessible. Last season Michałów made only 5 breedings available for private breeders. They were offered during the 2016 Winter Sale and it was the only chance to secure a breeding to Ekstern for 2017. The breeding sold for prices between 4.1 thousand and 5.6 thousand euro. Also 5 breedings for the 2018 season were offered the same way – by means of public auction. Meanwhile 13 mares at his home stud are expecting Ekstern's offspring. In 2017 seven foals were born here.



Bred by Białka Stud, owned by Polish private breeder Marek Kondrasiuk (Mark Arabians), Ekstern daughter out of Calineczka/Metropolis NA. For the first time she presented herself under the banner of the new owner at the Białka Show in 2010, as a two year old, when Ekstern’s progeny achieved a spectacular success in the B series of class 5. The entire Top Five of this class consisted of Ekstern daughters, beginning with Michałów’s Lawinia (out of Luanda/Emigrant), Mesalina (Mata Hari/Werbum) and Pustynna Malwa (Pustynna Róża/Emigrant), and ending with Białka’s Cella (Celina/Metropolis NA) and finally Calatea who went out to be decorated as property of Mr. Marek Kondrasiuk.
Calatea turned out to be an excellent purchase and a highly merited broodmare at Mark Arabians. Her first produce, the bay colt Calateon (by Vitorio TO) conquered show arenas from the very start. In 2014 he became Gold Champion of Yearling Colts at the Arabia-Polska show. In 2015 he got the title of Silver Champion Colt at the Białka Junior Spring Show and Gold Champion Colt at the Arabia-Polska show. The 2016 season brought him a Bronze Medal of Junior Colts at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska. In 2017 he was awarded in Janów Podlaski as Polish National Silver Champion Stallion. And these are just some of his achievements. It seems that Calateon's full brother Calatorio will be following in his footsteps, having won the 2 year old colts class at the last Polish National Show in Janów Podlaski.



Another Janów-born (out of Celna/Alegro) daughter of Ekstern, currently owned by Halsdon Arabians. Mrs. Shirley Watts paid 240 thousand euro for her at the 2014 Pride of Poland Sale. In 2016 Cenoza won gold at the Autumn Show in Janów Podlaski; in 2010 she became Reserve Champion in Blommeröd (Sweden) and later at the Autumn Show in Janów Podlaski. She won silver for her owner and cash price during the 4th edition (2017) of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska. Cenoza is one of those horses that proved that beauty and stamina can go hand in hand. On the Warsaw Służewiec Race Track she was able to win with the Austrian bred Waikiki by the French sire Dormane. Her Janów’s daughter Cerena (by Om El Bellissimo) was sold at the 2016 Pride of Poland auction for 33 thousand euro to Kuwait.


Dorssers, Eric

Ekstern's successes on European arenas, including the Triple Crown title, were claimed with Dutchman Erik Dorssers. „Ekstern was the sweetest horse I ever worked with. In condition work he was very lazy and I found out that when you played a game and had fun with him he loved it”, recounted to the Dutch trainer and handler. He showed him fabulously during the unforgettable evening of the Mercedes Diamond Cup 2003 (Borgloon, Belgium). “This performance, from my point of view, was so special for what he gave me. It was a show for big winners and I decided to show him free and do my thing with him, but how he followed and performed with me was way past my wildest dreams. He stayed with me loose in full show mood and even in standup in spotlights with a crazy crowd this boy was only connected with me”, he told “Tutto Arabi” (n°6/2017).



Ekstern daughter (out of Ekspozycja/Eukaliptus), best known as the dam of the multichampion and already proven sire Equator (by QR Marc), born in 2010. He started his show career as a yearling in Białka where he got the silver champion title. He continued in Janów, winning the Junior Colts Bronze Medal. In 2012 he became Junior Champion Stallion, both in Białka and Janów. Then he went to conquer the show arenas abroad: Bronze in Aachen, Gold in Moorsele and Silver in Paris. 2014 brought him Gold at the Polish Nationals in the senior stallions category and another Gold at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska. He won Bronze in Aachen again, then Gold in Lier (Belgium) and Bronze in Paris. In 2015 he enlarged his collection with a silver from the All Nations Cup, a gold from Verona and a silver from Paris. Subsequent successes were scored across the ocean, competing for his lessee, Al Jassimya Stud (Qatar). He became International Arabian Breeders Classic Senior Champion Stallion in Scottsdale and Arabian Breeders World Cup Senior Champion Stallion in Las Vegas, as well as US National Reserve Champion Stallion – all in 2016. In 2017 he won the title of World Silver Champion Senior Stallion in Paris, already in Polish hands (Michałów Stud).
Meanwhile his Polish offspring have started to claim recognition at shows. The inbred to Ekstern Pontia (out of Polonica/Ekstern) became Junior Spring Show Yearling Reserve Champion Filly in 2015 and then Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Yearling Bronze Filly. In 2016 Dastan (out of Dama Pik/Enzo) won the yearling championships in Białka, while Dong (out of Demeter/Wojsław) got the bronze. The 2017 Gold and Bronze National Junior Champions are Dong and Dastan, while Pontia wins the bronze medal of junior fillies at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival the same year. In private breeding one to stand out is Equalion (out of Evolett/Ajman Moniscione), bred by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska (Zalia Arabians), winning the 2 year old colts class in Białka 2017 and the junior stallion championship in Kauber Platte (Germany).



Ekstern's dam, born in 1989 (and still living in her home stud – Michałów), sired by Polish race horse champion and Derby winner Piechur (Banat – Pierzeja/Bandos), is a representative of Michałów's world famous damline of Milordka (~1810, Sławuta), called „the E-line”. Her dam Erwina by Palas descended on one side from the Egyptian Aswan (Nazeer – Yozreia) and on the other from Wielki Szlem, through his daughter Ellenai (born in 1956) and the outstanding Amurath Sahib through his daughter Estokada and graddaughter Estebna by Nabor. Estokada (out of Saga by Hardy) – as Professor Krystyna Chmiel writes in her book „They formed beauty” – inherited from her dam's sire, a pre-war Derby winner, stamina: she placed first among her crop, winning eight races, including the Oaks and Criterium St. As a broodmare she gave racing produce with racing sires and handsome produce with handsome sires. And so three full sisters by Nabor: Eskapada, Estebna (b. 1961) and Edycja „condensed in themselves the maximum of beauty and finesse, attributed mostly to the Saklavi type”. The „Nabors”, called by the renowned photographer Marian Gadzalski „dancers”, became white very early on, they also had heads with a dished profile, large, dark, widely set eyes, long necks, were dry and impressive, especially in movement when they presented a highly set tail. These traits were accumulated to the maximum in Estebna, who in 1973 became European Champion. It was the first large international success of Michałów Stud. A year later the mare died, much too soon, leaving daughter Elwira (by Elf), great-granddam of Ernestyna.



Ekstern son out of Ekspozycja/Eukaliptus, born in 2002 in Michałów, believed to be his sire’s heir. He started his career as a yearling, winning the Polish National Junior Res. Champion title in Białka. In 2007–2008 on lease to Ajman Stud (UAE), which showed him both in Europe and the Middle East, gaining numerous show titles, UAE Nat. Senior Champion Stallion in Abu Dhabi, Int. Senior Champion in Doha, Int. Res. Champion Stallion in Dubai, Int. Senior Champion Stallion in Sharjah, All Nations Cup Res. Champion Stallion, Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival Res. Champion Stallion among others. After returning to Poland, he was standing for two seasons at Białka Stud and then was chosen 2009 Polish National Senior Champion Stallion. In 2012 he got the title of Res. European Senior Champion Stallion (Moorsele). Unfortunately, after several months of recovering after a hard case of laminitis and surgery that he underwent in Germany, when leased to Ismer Stud, Esparto passed away in 2015.
His offspring is gaining the recognition of judges at shows and enjoys great popularity among buyers. The largest star among his daughters is the Białka-bred Perfinka (out of Perfirka/Gazal Al Shaqab) – 2017 Polish Nat. Bronze Champion Mare and 2012 Polish Nat. Junior Silver Champion. She was leased by Al Muawd Stud of Saudi Arabia, gaining under this banner several titles: Tulip Cup Gold Junior Champion, U.K.I.A.H.S. Junior Gold Champion, All Nations Cup Junior Gold Champion Mare, European Junior Silver Champion Mare, World Junior Silver Champion, 2016 PSAIAHF Junior Gold Champion Mare, Qatar Int. Junior Silver Champion Mare, to name a few of them. Back in Poland, she was shown several times; she won her class in Aachen, at the All Nations Cup 2017, among other achievements.



Ekstern daughter (out of Fabryszka/Gazal Al Shaqab), bred by Białka Stud and sold to Polish private breeder Jan Dobrzyński. Known as the dam of the stallion Fuerte (by Shanghai EA), the highest achiever among Polish private bred horses. Sold as a yearling to the Saudi breeder Sami Ben Saad (Al Aalya Stud), he presented himself on a positive note in 2015 (silver medalist of the yearling colts at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska), after which he was a show sensation in 2016, marching from success to success.
First he got the bronze at the Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival, an A-ranked show held at Al Khalediah Farm near Riyadh, besting in his class the highly decorated Alexxanderr (Excalibur E.A. – AR Most Irresistible/ML Mostly Padron), silver medalist from Paris (in the finals Fuerte’s rival won gold). Then he won Gold of the junior stallions category in Białka, Radom and Janów Podlaski, gaining the title of 2016 Polish National Champion. Finally he won again in Nowe Wrońska, at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival. In 2017 he got the title of Dubai Junior Champion and turned out to be one of the biggest surprises in Menton. He won his class (3 year old colts) with an impressive result of 92,75, incl. 3x20 for type and one more for head and neck and then was chosen Gold Junior Champion Stallion, becoming the first Polish horse of private breeding to reach for such a high title in Menton. In Paris he was named World Silver Junior Champion Stallion (representing the Kuwaiti Abhaa Arabians stud). It must be said that his type, conformation and charisma cannot be omitted. In 2018 Fuerte begins his career as a sire at a larger scale.


Gomera J

Ekstern daughter out of Georgia by Eukaliptus, bred by Christine Jamar of Jadem Arabians. She has an almost pure Polish pedigree: the Belgian Georgia is a daughter of Galia, a descendant of Michałów’s Gil and Gwana by Pasat, born at Ismer Stud. Gomera is best known as the dam of Gallardo J who has been marching toward the Triple Crown in 2016 and has scored an incredible success, bringing glory not only to the breeding ideas of Christine Jamar, but also to Polish bloodlines and his owner, Ajman Stud. Gallardo J was already visible in 2014 and 2015, having won the gold in Menton and Verona, at the European Championships.


Jamar, Christine
Owner of Jadem Arabians (Belgium), lessee of Ekstern during 1999–2000, adding an important chapter to his success story. The stallion probably would not have been able to win all the shows in which he competed, including the most prestigious as the World Championships, the European Championships and the All Nations Cup, without the help of Christine Jamar.
As Mrs. Jamar told “Tutto Arabi” (n°6/2017), she came to Michałów at the end of 1998 in search of a new stallion to her breeding program. She saw Ekstern, a stallion with charisma and expression in his eye, belonging to the cherished E-line. But the answer to the question if he was available for lease, was: not. “When I returned to the hotel, because there were no mobile phones then, I called my husband Guy and told him that we need to come back in two weeks and we have to offer the double of the normal leasing fee”, she recalled. “And that is how it happened, we came back after two weeks, negotiated and offered the double and an agreement was made that Ekstern would come to Jadem for the following two years”. “I knew that if Ekstern improved the attitude and the bodies he was exactly what I was looking for”, she continued. “And he gave me 10 times more than I could ever expect. He exceeded all expectations”. His first offspring at Jadem Arabians were born in 2000 (7 colts and 3 fillies). The second there were 1 colt and 9 fillies born. Ekstern returned to stand at Jadem Arabians in 2003.


Jaworowski, Ignacy

Born on January 14th, 1924, passed away on September 18th, 2004, Ignacy Jaworowski managed Michałów Stud for 44 years, from 1953 when he took up the post of director, until 1997 when he retired. It is thanks to him that the “Michałów” brand gained worldwide fame. It was Director Jaworowski that brought Monogramm, an epoch-changing stallion for Polish breeding, to Michałów. In October of 1988 he attended, together with the Inspector of Horse Breeding in Poland Izabella Pawelec–Zawadzka, the US Nationals in Louisville, KY. It was then that he saw Monogramm for the first time. “At the time Monogramm was a three year old colt and it was immediately visible that he had a unique personality and expression. Already then Director Jaworowski, a visionary, great breeder and wonderful person, said: I have to have him. He knew that the colt would turn out to be a great stallion”, recalled Mrs. Izabella Pawelec–Zawadzka in a conversation with Though the idea to bring Monogramm to Poland dawned upon Director Jaworowski at that very moment, it was possible only 5 years later. The persistence of Ignacy Jaworowski brought Michałów, and also Polish breeding, an incredible success, the extent of which sets unreachable heights for other breeders. The result was not only the foaling of Ekstern, but also Ganges, Kordelas, Kwestura, Zagrobla, Fallada, Palmira, Emmona, Elandra, Georgia, Palestyna, Gehenna – horses that have brought fame to Polish breeding and continue to do so worldwide.


Kuhailan Haifi d.b.

Stallion born in 1923, imported from the desert from the Bedouins, that founded a sire line which gave more and more splendid horses in subsequent generations. Kuhailan Haifi is considered the best desert Arabian ever imported to Poland! He died too soon, in 1934, as the sire of just 14 foals. However his son Ofir (out of the Janów-bred Dziwa/Abu Mlech) sired „the great four”, namely Wielki Szlem, Witraż, WiteĽ II and Wyrwid±b. Wielki Szlem in turn gave Czort, the sire of El Paso. Witraż became famous for siring Celebes and Bask. Ofir stood out with a beautiful head (which was emphasized by Adam Nałęcz-Sosnowski, who during 1938–1939 had a traineeship at Janów) and petit size – Professor Witold Pruski wrote about him that he was „small, pony-like”. However during 1937–1939 Ofir covered 57 mares. Unfortunately the majority of his get, similarly to Ofir himself, was lost during World War II or was robbed and taken to Soviet Russia. Despite that Kuhailan Haifi is present today in the pedigrees of a large number of Polish horses. Breeders spoke about Witraż almost only in superlatives. The late Roman Pankiewicz (known as the breeder of Bask) underlined his incredible beauty and class, handsome head set on a nicely chiseled neck, wide forehead, beautiful eye and wonderful tail carriage. The many year director of Janów Podlaski, Andrzej Krzyształowicz, spoke about his extraordinary Arabian beauty, pretty head, large, dark eye, wide nostrils, nice neck and good body. Ekstern represents a sixth generation of Kuhailan Haifi descendants, as a son of Monogramm, grandson of Negatraz, great-grandson of Bask, great-great-grandson of Witraż and great-great-great-grandson of Ofir.


Li¶kiewicz, Mariusz

The first presenter of Ekstern, till this day the main trainer at Michałów. Ekstern caused a surprise during his first show appearance, when as a dark grey, foal-like yearling, in the hands of the then-debuting Mariusz Li¶kiewicz, won the Polish National Junior Championships in 1995. Li¶kiewicz was at the time at the threshold of his career as both trainer and handler. It was his first success on the show arena. “We were showing more than a dozen colts”, he reminisced ( „The inconspicuous Ekstern, considered first to get the axe, was given to me at random. I did not train him for the shows and prior to Białka I had him perhaps five times in my hand. We ran onto the arena. He stopped somehow. How I accomplished that, I don’t remember. He moved remarkably, I tried not to interfere and all the judges gave him 20s for movement. The competition was extremely strong, and still he won. That’s when something hit me: maybe I will be doing this!“. Today Mariusz Li¶kiewicz can boast eight World Champion titles and more than 50 titles from the Polish National Show claimed with horses bred at Michałów Stud.



Ekstern daughter (out of Mata Hari/Werbum) who produced Morion (by Kahil Al Shaqab), the revelation of the youngest generations of Polish horses: the 2014 Białka Spring Show Yearling Gold Champion & Best in Show, Polish Nat. Gold Junior Champion, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Junior Gold Champion & Best in Show, All Nations Cup Yearling Silver Champion, European Yearling Silver Champion, World Yearling Silver Champion. He repeated his success one year later, being the 2015 Białka Spring Show Junior Champion & Best in Show, All Nations Cup Junior Gold Champion Stallion and World Gold Junior Champion Stallion.
It has to be added that in 2014 he took the podium in Janów Podlaski together with Pitawal (silver) and Larando (bronze) – all three sons of Ekstern daughters.
In 2015, just before the World Championships in Paris he was leased to Al Thumama Stud, Qatar. In the hands of his lessee he won the gold at the international show in Doha in 2016 and the bronze at the All Nations Cup in Aachen in 2017. He returned back home in December of 2017.



Professor Krystyna Chmiel writes the following about Monogramm's lease to Poland in her ready for print book about the recent years of Polish breeding: „In 1992 the stallion Monogramm, chestnut, 1985 (Negatraz – Monogramma/Knippel) was leased to Poland for the 1993 and 1994 season, a grandson of the «revelation of America» Bask, from the line of Kuhailan Haifi d.b. His dam represented a branch of the Polish damline of Sahara d.b. imported to Jarczowce in 1845, established at Tersk after the Janów herd was taken by the Soviets, including the mare Mammona, bay, 1939 (Ofir – Krucica/Farys II). We can boldly say that the lease of this stallion was a second «hit in the jackpot» for Polish breeding, if we consider the first to be the import of Probat 1975”. „Monogramm presented a distinctive show type”, continues the author. „From his dam's side, a record setter from the track in Pyatigorsk, he also had stamina genes. He had a long neck, shapely head with a large, dark and very expressive eye, good coupling in the loins, impressive tail carriage, but most importantly – extremely dynamic movement with a long length of stride and a distinct suspension phase during the trot”. He was used at Michałów for two seasons (1993–1994). During 1995–1997 he was used in the Polish breeding program via frozen semen. In total he was bred to a record number of 167 mares. His first crop consisted of 52 get (23 fillies and 29 colts), the second – 46. Later he was also used by the few at the time Polish private breeders. All in all he sired 112 foals. Ekstern was one of the foals from Monogramm's first crop. The number of national and international champion titles claimed by the sons and daughters of Monogramm during the two decades between 1995-2015 has surpassed 70.



One of the most decorated Ekstern daughters in Poland (out of Panika/Eukaliptus), bred by Michałów Stud. She was European Junior Champion Mare 2003, Białka Spring Show Junior Res. Champion 2004 and a Polish National, European and All Nations Cup Res. Champion in the senior category in 2006, elected as Polish National Res. Champion Mare again in 2007. Back in the show ring in 2015, she won the Polish National Silver Champion Mare title and the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Gold Medal and Best in Show award. Dam of Padova (by Galba), as well as Pavorotto K.A. and Profender K.A. (both stallions by QR Marc, born in 2010 during the lease of Palanga to Knocke Arabians, Belgium). As a 2 year old Padova won her class in Białka (2009). In 2011 she won the silver in the senior mares in Prague, already under the banner of Al Shaqab Stud from Qatar, where she was bred to Marwan Al Shaqab and Gazal Al Shaqab. Profender K.A. was among others, a double Belgian National Champion Stallion (2013 and 2014) in the junior and senior category, a silver medalist from Bruges in 2014, a gold champion from the Arabian Masters in Bordeaux and again a gold medalist in 2016 during the Arab Horse Festival in Germany. Pavorotto K.A. does not have such a spectacular show career, but has also stood out at shows.



Ekstern daughter (out of Pepesza by Eukaliptus), bred by Janów Podlaski Stud. Lot 1 in 2015 at the Pride of Poland Sale, when the all time record for a Polish bred Arabian was broken – 1.4 million Euro! The buyer, who at first remained anonymous, turned out to be Sheikh Mohammad Almarri Al Fali, owner of Al Fali Stud, Saudi Arabia. In the hands of a new owner Pepita won the 2017 Elran Arabian Cup, receiving the titles of Gold Senior Champion Mare & Crowds Favorite. She also ended her performance at Chantilly with the show's highest score that very same year. Earlier, as a representative of Polish breeding, she owned the titles of Silver Champion Mare of All Nations Cup 2014 (in Aachen she received a full set of “20s” for movement, five more for type and two for head and neck allowed her to win with 94,75) and European Championships 2014 which she attended as the reigning Polish National Champion Mare and Janów Podlaski 2014 Best in Show.
Her son Pitawal by Kahil Al Shaqab took the yearling colts silver medal in Białka and then also the silver in the junior stallions category at the Polish Nationals 2014. He won Bronze at Białka next year and another Bronze at the Prague Intercup show.


Another member of the Janów-bred Ekstern daughters collection in Halsdon Arabians, Great Britain. Pinta (out of Pilar by Fawor) as a 5 year old mare was the 2009 Pride of Poland auction high-seller – she was bid on up to 500 thousand euro by Shirley Watts. In that moment she was bearing the title of the Polish National Res. Champion Filly 2007. The new owner showed her, among others, in 2013 in Bruges, where Pinta won her class and then got the silver medal in the finals.


Psyche Victoria

A very successful show daughter of Ekstern (out of Pallas-Atena/Ecaho), born at Chrcynno-Palace Stud. A bronze medalist from the 2009 Polish Nationals, a gold medalist from 2013 Wels, a gold winner from the 2016 Arabia-Polska and Breeders’ Championship Europe Senior Gold Champion Mare from Chantilly 2016. Dam of multichampion Psyche Keret (by Khidar), winner of the 2017 Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival and previously triple World Junior Top Ten Colt in Paris (2012, 2013, 2014), Res. Champion Colt Białka 2012, Gold Champion Colt Elran Cup 2013, Gold Champion Colt Chantilly 2013, Gold Champion Colt Polska-Arabia B-Int. Show 2015. Today he is a chief sire at his maternal stud. Psyche Victoria also gave the colt Psyche Ull (by Forteynas Magic), a silver medalist from the 2015 Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival and a silver medalist from the Arabia-Polska show in 2016.


Pustynna Malwa

Michałów-bred Ekstern daughter (out of Pustynna Róża/Emigrant), who rose to fame as the dam of the young Polish star Pustynia Kahila (by Kahil Al Shaqab). This sensational filly began her career in 2014 as a yearling, winning the bronze medal at the Polish Nationals. Just a week later Michałów could enjoy a gold medal won by her at the first Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival. More successes followed: in Aachen – All Nations Cup Yearling Bronze Champion, in Lier – European Yearling Silver Champion and finally the highest recognition awarded in Paris – World Yearling Gold Champion. During the next season (2015) Pustynia Kahila became Polish National Junior Gold Champion Mare, in 2016 Junior Spring Show Champion & Best in Show in Białka and Arabia Polska show champion in Buksza. Finally in 2017 she left Janów Podlaski as Polish National Senior Champion Mare to win the Champion Mare & Best in Show at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Show in Nowe Wrońska. In Verona she won the European Silver Senior Champion Mare title.


Ekstern underwent racing training as a three year old. He participated in 10 races, placing third, fourth and fifth (three times).
Many of Ekstern's get, apart from beauty, also have stamina. Horses that participated in racing, a stamina trial, included the before mentioned Cenoza and Sefora the mentioned below, Zabobon (out of Zamiana/Borek), Batawia (out of Barka/Ararat) and Enaam (out of Elwira/Arbil) who placed 2nd in the Oaks in 2010. Athletic talents were also revealed by Prado (out of Pętla/Visbaden). So although the Arabian is considered to be either beautiful or brave, it is clear that Ekstern's get are doing quite well in both of these areas.



Janów-bred Ekstern daughter (out of Sawantka by Pepton). Sold in 2016 at the Pride of Poland auction to Al Sraiya Stud, Qatar for a record price of that year: 300 thousand euro. Chosen Polish National Junior Champion Filly in 2006, when she was only a yearling, and Polish National Bronze Champion Mare in 2010. According to Professor Krystyna Chmiel, she was the best representative of her crop, turning heads mainly with her movement, dryness and tail carriage.



In September of 2017 there were 392 Ekstern offspring registered in the PASB (there are more than 500 worldwide). The extent of Ekstern's influence on Polish breeding can be seen through the subsequent results of Polish national shows. In 2006 the Polish National Junior Champion Filly title goes to the year old Sefora. In 2007 the reserve championship in the same category is won by Janów's Pinta. The judges award the title of Polish National Junior Champion Stallion to Białka's Celsjusz (out od Carina/Pesal). The Senior Reserve Champion Mare goes to Palanga (Junior Reserve Champion from 2004). Professor Krystyna Chmiel wrote that year: „Dryness, combined with a muzzle like a baby's pacifier, large eye and nostrils, a topline close to a geometrical straight line and impressive showy movement, with a suspension phase and tail set high like a flag or thrown over the back, were traits that typified the silhouettes of yearlings and two year olds by Ekstern”. In 2008 Eksterna, bred by Falborek Arabians, left her mark on the podium as Polish National Junior Reserve Champion Mare (few years later her son Emarc by QR Marc takes silver at the 2012 Polish Nationals). In 2009 Michałów's chestnut Wieża Róż took the title of Junior Champion Mare, the year old grey Psyche Kreuza (out of Pallas-Atena/Ecaho) from Chrcynno-Palace Stud the reserve championship, while her full sister Psyche Victoria – the bronze (though officially bronze medals began to be awarded a year later). Esparto became Polish National Senior Champion Stallion. In 2010 Sefora takes the Senior Bronze Medal.

The year 2013 wrote itself down as a period of successes of the produce of Ekstern's daughters: Piacolla (Enzo – Polonica), in 2014 sold for 305 thousand Euro to Athbah Stud (Saudi Arabia), became Polish National Junior Champion Mare (her subsequent successes in the hands of the new owner include: 2014 European Junior Champion, 2015 Qatar International Junior Champion, 2015 All National Cup Junior Champion), while Larando (QR Marc – Laranda) receives the title of 2013 Junior Bronze Champion Stallion. In 2014 the Senior Champion Mare and Best in Show award go to Janów's Pepita and several other produce of Ekstern's daughters also take the podium: the Junior Bronze Medal goes to the later World Champion Pustynia Kahila, the Senior Champion Gold goes to Equator and the most interesting situation takes place in the junior stallions category, where the entire group of three medalists are the sons of Ekstern daughters: Morion, Pitawal, Larando.
In 2011 Ekstern daughters make a strong statement in terms of breeding value: Wieża Marzeń as the dam of Polish National Junior Champion Mare Wieża Mocy (by QR Marc), Ekliptyka as the dam of Junior Bronze Champion Equator. In 2012 the Ekstern daughters again stand out as dams. Again Ekliptyka – Equator becomes Junior Champion Stallion. The silver goes to another son of an Ekstern daughter, Emarc, bred by Falborek Arabians. Elmaran (by Al Maraam), out of Ekstera by Ekstern, bred by Wojciech Parczewski, claims the title of Senior Bronze Champion Stallion.
During the 1st Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska (2014) Michałów won all four medals and together with them – four main prizes, white Mercedes-Benz cars. All four winners were the produce of Ekstern daughters: Pustynia Kahila, Morion, named later World Yearling Silver Champion; Equator, who in Paris took the World Senior Bronze medal; and Senior Champion Mare Wilda, who returned to Michałów from France with the title of World Senior Top Ten.
In 2015 Pustynia Kahila leaves Janów with the title of Polish National Junior Champion, the bronze medalist in this category is Ekstern's granddaughter, the Białka-bred Cella (by Lawrence El Gazal) and the senior reserve championship is awarded to the highly decorated Palanga. 2016 is the year when Fuerte wins the National Championships of Junior Stallions.
Ekstern's extremely successful run as a sire drew the attention of observers also at other shows. During the 2014 European Championships (held in Azelhof, Belgium), as many as 11 victorious young horses had Ekstern on one or the other side of their pedigrees, including as many as 9 on the distaff side: Yearling Champion Mare Mounira J (Emerald J – Magnificent Lady J/Extreme), Yearling Silver Mare Pustynia Kahila, Yearling Champion Stallion Gallardo J, Yearling Silver Stallion Morion, Yearling Top Five Calateon, Junior Champion Mare Piacolla, Junior Silver Mare Mississippi J (QR Marc – Magnificent Lady J/Extreme), Junior Top Five Mare Perfinka, Senior Silver Mare Pepita, Senior Top Five Wilda and Senior Champion Stallion Equator.


Undefeated Champion Stallion

Ekstern is a born show horse. He claimed success after success on the show arena and received the moniker of “undefeated”. In 1995, as a yearling, he became Polish National Junior Champion. In 2000 he was honored with the title of Polish National Senior Champion. The titles of All Nations Cup Champion in Aachen, European and World Champion were claimed under the watchful eye of Mrs. Christine Jamar. The Triple Crowned Ekstern turned out to be Monogramm’s most titled son.



WAHO Trophy 2008
In 2008, during the Polish Nationals celebration in Janów Podlaski, Ekstern was awarded with the prestigious WAHO Trophy for an outstanding Arabian representative of Polish breeding. It was Stuart Colvin who showed him to the great applause of the gathered public. “Ekstern made an overwhelming impression with his beauty”, we wrote about Ekstern’s performance. „This horse remains unbeaten on the show arena! Entered into this year’s championships were 17 of his progeny (including the Reserve Champion Filly Eksterna) and three granddaughters. Ekstern’s input into Polish breeding and its promotion in the world is not to be overestimated.”


Wieża Marzeń

Michałów-bred Ekstern daugher (out of WiaĽma/Arbil), the dam of Wieża Mocy (by QR Marc), one of the most distinguished Polish mares on international arenas. She was 2011 Polish National Junior Gold Champion and 2011 European Junior Bronze Champion in Verona. The year 2012 was extremely successful for her. She was chosen Spring Show Junior Gold Champion and Best in Show in Białka, European Junior Gold Champion in Moorsele and finally World Junior Gold Champion in Paris. Then she was leased to the US where she got the 2014 Arabian Breeders World Cup Senior Gold Champion Mare title, Arabian National Breeder Finals Senior Champion Mare trophy, and then the US National Champion Mare in Tulsa and 2015 Scottsdale Arabian Show Senior Champion Mare title. Back in Poland she was shown in Poland, at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival 2016, winning the award for Bronze Champion Mare.
Wieża Marzeń also produced Wieża Marc’a (by QR Marc), sold for 70 thousand euro to Sinus Arabian Stud (Sweden) in 2014.


Wieża Róż
Ekstern daughter (out of Wieża Babel by Laheeb), bred by Michałów Stud. 2009 Polish National Junior Champion Mare, sold in 2015 for 270 thousand euro to Qatar (Al Thumama Stud). The new owner showed her, among others, during the Arabian Horse Weekend in Oedenrode (Holland) in 2017 where she won a bronze medal.



Ekstern daughter (out of Wenessa/Egon) born at Michałów. She was sold in 2010 to Belgium (DB Arabians), for 82 thousand euro. She was chosen Junior Res. Champion in 2001 at the Białka Spring Show herself, but she is better known as the dam of Wilda (by Gazal Al Shaqab) and Waranga (by QR Marc). Wilda was Polish National Res. Champion Mare in 2009 and All Nations Cup Bronze Champion Mare in 2012. In 2014 she got the title of Gold Champion Mare at the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska. Her son Woronin (by Vitorio TO) received the title of Top Five Yearling Colt in Białka in 2017.
Waranga won her class in Białka in 2011 and later repeated that feat in Janów. Her son Woj (by Empire) became silver medalist in the junior stallion category in Janów in 2015.


Zeksterna and others

Lesser known mares by Ekstern can also boast highly decorated produce. Zeksterna (out of Zorza Polarna by Wojsław), bred by Stanisław Sławiński (Czeple Arabians) is the dam of Zimarc (by QR Marc), silver medalist of the junior stallions at the Arabian Impressions show (Germany). Karbona (out of Karbala/Emigrant), sold to a private breeder, gained a gold medal in Sweden and a bronze in Austria, after which she produced the charming Kalifornia by Kahil Al Shaqab, bred and owned by Krzysztof Falba (Wyszków Stud), a revelation of the 2017 Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival, where she was chosen yearling silver champion mare. The bred at Falborek Eksterna (out of Emanta/Pamir), 2008 Polish National Silver Champion, is the dam of the highly decorated Emarc (by QR Marc), who has brought joy to his breeder Krzysztof GoĽdzialski as a show horse (Polish National Res. Champion Colt 2012, Silver Medal Arabia-Polska show 2011 and 2014), but also as a sire.

The text has been first published in the “Stallions of the World vol. XIII”, Alim Editrice, 2017

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