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Pride of Poland - 49th Janów Podlaski Auction
Hanna Sztuka
W rocznicę śmierci wspominamy Romana Pankiewicza, jeden z...
Monika Luft
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  Equator – the sixth Polish World Champion. Three voices speaking

There are only few stallions bred in Poland that have managed to become World Champions. Specifically, it was accomplished by: Gondolier in 1982, Fawor in 1983 (junior stallions), Piruet – twice (1989 and 1993), Ekstern in 2000, and Morion... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2018-12-10  
  The Ekstern Alphabet

The year 2018 at Michałów Stud is the year of Ekstern – announced the stud's president, Maciej Paweł Grzechnik. Ekstern is a stallion that had the greatest impact in Polish breeding in recent years. His services cannot be overestimated... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2018-01-31  
  Gazing at the stars: Wasa

The 2015 Pride of Poland Sale saw a record price not only for a horse from state breeding (Pepita), but also the highest price in the history of Janów Podlaski Sales for a private bred horse. This record-setter was the Falborek-bred grey Wasa... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-12-04  
  A breakthrough year for Białka

Arabian horses must be seen in movement. Words are not needed then... Early Spring appears seemingly calm at Białka Stud. All around is quiet, the birds are singing and the horses neigh from time to time. more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2017-05-10  
  El Dorada. A farewell to the Mare from the Golden Land

The mating of the Eukaliptus daughter Emigrantka and the representative of the Spanish-Egyptian "Golden Cross" son of El Shaklan, Sanadik El Shaklan, resulted in 1998 in the foaling of the charming El Dorada at Michałów. Her name, alluding to... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-12-18  
  Eternal. Beauty from Europa and stamina from Ganges

When in 2007 the bay, international multichampion FS Bengali arrived in Poland, for Polish breeders it was electrifying news. It was a chance to use World Junior Champion Stallion, Scottsdale Champion Stallion and US National Champion Stallion on... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2016-06-23  
  Pianissima. The passing of an Icon

Wonderful, unique, one of a kind, ethereal, peerless, unrivaled, enchanting, an icon of the Arabian breed – that's how we used to speak and write about the most beautiful mare in the world, born in Janów Podlaski in 2003 – Pianissima... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2015-11-20  
  Ekstern – 20 years of success

The stallion that has had the greatest influence on our domestic breeding in recent years is EKSTERN – says Director Jerzy Białobok, associated with Michałów Stud since 1977. more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2015-09-21  
  Georgia on my mind

One of the classic Polish mares, bringing great fame to Polish Arabian horse breeding for years, close to the hearts of all Polish Arabian horse enthusiasts, representing the valuable damline of Gazella d.b. – GEORGIA has found a new home... more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2015-08-19  
  Monogramm. A true living legend. A sire born once in 50 years!

So many horses are referred to today as „living legends” that this phrase has lost its former glamour. However there is a stallion which fully deserves this accolade. This stallion is MONOGRAMM more

  Author: Monika Luft | 2014-09-25  
  235 years of Polish Private Arabian Horse Breeding. Taurów of Dionizy Trzeciak

It is rare that I find myself traveling only to see one specific painting. But that's exactly what happened when the National Art Gallery in Sopot exhibited, among other Polish masterpieces from the Lviv Art Gallery, a painting by Juliusz... more

  Author: Monika Luft / Krzysztof Czarnota | 2014-05-15  
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